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completely not-relevant but had to :slight_smile:


I think they should make mastermind like a 2 part module lol. You could do some much with mastermind just by the description and expand on it in many ways. You could make a mastermind - Strat/Tactic for power players who need to see things as a game or chess board and strategize like that or use tactics. Mastermind could really be a huge module that honestly could have a lite version in most of the subs subclub has made especially the game changers like emperor, khan, QLQ, HOM, stark, EoG.



Assuming that push and incentive comes from Primal then? Is that the reason why Sex & Seduction is not as detracting then? Gonna have to purchase Sex & Seduction to see for myself.

@user9437773791397760, what would you say?



S&S (+Sex Mastery), skilled sex mastery (Which does not exclude sexual, based on action).

Primal(PS), sexualized Sex mastery (Primal has SM, which does not exclude persuasion, based on individual).


@DarkPhilosopher do you know if the module “Stronger” will also improve your willpower in general to do positive things? Or is it only for getting rid of bad habits?


Are they mutually exclusive?


Do we know how the “Dynasty” module shifts the way our parents might treat us?


what if I want to buy just ONE of the titles in the Q store? it says its $15 but then it says that they start at $99. is it now possible to buy just one?


Nah, when you buy a module, you purchase the liscense. If you want to transform it into a subliminal, you have to build it, which cost 99$. And as of now, the build system requires at least 10 modules to work.

So theorically if you build a custom subs with 10 modules you have already liscenced, you will only pay 99$. If you have to licence modules, you then pay 14.99 per module and the build fee which is 99$.




Go ask our competitors how much they’re charging for custom subliminals. Even the scam company that tried to rip us off and is selling literal silence is attempting to charge $1000. Our price and methodology is fair and sustainably priced.


Think I know what company you’re referring to. Just found them recently


With their crap ads all over facebook lol


Instagram too which is how I found them


It’s not so pricey, just liscence a couple of modules over time if you need and them BOOM, build it :wink:

Yeah, like it’s been said, the price for custom name embedded subs is a lot less on subclub that anywhere else.

If not there is still regular subs, and will be avaliable eventually in name embedded!


its not a custom sub if I just want one title…
yeah name embedded is kinda cool but is just want the one


They are just modules at the moment not actual titles besides the stack modules that are ultimas now. They eventually could be titles once they are fleshed out more.


could you explain more? I don’t understand


Who specifically is doing this? I would like to see


If you notice, they changed all their stuff after getting that email from our legal counsel. Like I said, we’re not afraid of any “competitor,” but if you think you’re going to rip us off to build your crap, think again.

I’m not going to degrade our forum by posting a link to that shite, but here’s the thread we made about it: PLEASE READ: Scammers in the Age of SubClub

They tried to steal entire titles, pages and even our instruction manual. AND, we tested quite a few of their “titles,” and they were completely empty. Complete silence and empty masks.