Q Module Questions


Not all the “Titles” are full fledged titles in the Q store most of them are just modules you can make a custom with though some are titles and ultimas in the main store. If you want something from the Q store you need to make a custom with a few cores and modules that add up to 10. So you could make your own Emperor sub in say terminus with 9 other modules like maybe just result enhancements or status and social modules, or wealth related modules.


Let’s say I already bought Alchemist Explorer. Would I have to buy all 4 stages again in the Q store?


The Q store is just for making custom subs, currently it is the only way to get name embedded subs. If you want those to be name embedded then yes, but you have make a custom sub with atleast 10 modules. You could make a custom sub with just say stage 4 since it has all 3 previous stages in it just more dense then choose 9 modules to accompany it then you could choose terminus orterminus squared too but those are more expensive.


Ok. I don’t think the Q store is for me then.
it’s not even the whole customizability that I want or the name embedded stuff. To be extremely blunt I just want the “stop porn and masturbation” subliminal. If you’ve read my journal “My Experience with Alchemist Explorer” you’ll know exactly why. And I haven’t even posted all of my experiences (mostly negative btw)


You could get that module and get some other cool ones that would enhance your alchemist journey. I honestly haven’t read your journal sorry.


I know I may be considered biased, but if you can afford it (we offer QuadPay, which splits the cost into 4 payments), a custom Q title is worth investing in. First, name embedding increases the effectiveness of the title by an exponential amount. Second, this is an opportunity to really hone in on the issues holding you back in like, more so than the broad major titles. For example, it’s not enough just to stop porn and masturbation – the damage caused by porn addiction can run deep.

You may need some healing modules, and even something like Sex Mastery to help repair and heal any emotional or mental trauma caused by the addiction. Should even consider tossing in a sexual aura to attract women, which will help you manage any sexual urges better and avoid going back to pornography, etc.

Take a look through the module catalog.


Yeah I actually bought sex mastery, primal seduction, and iron throne a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, the subs def help with attraction (read my journal " My Experience with Primal Seduction, Primal Seduction Iron Throne, and Sex mastery X2 for that.

But I found out that something like astral projection X and sex mastery should Not be combined. basically you’ll astral project to the lower levels and it will be unpleasant to say the least. Which is why I am having to pick between getting laid and raising my consciousness.


probably a better seduction strategy over the long term, as well as sanity later in life lol.



I would also encourage you to read about these modules at the Q store or other store:

Primal Seduction (which I think you have, but could be put in a custom subliminal)
Regeneration Q
Energetic Development XI
The Architect
Lion IV
Sex Manifestion
Gorgeous Manifestor
Joie de Vivre
Carpe Diem Ascended
Sphaera Magnetica


From EmperorQ i always get insane drive to do anything, get better and win, dominate.
Fearless, super confident.

If im going down I’m taking you with me, type.

Is there any models in the store that do this or is it simply only emperor core?


Hard to say, since everyone responds differently. But, I’m pretty sure most of the “alpha” style modules would have this effect.


It’s a journey alright. Finding out what you need and when you need it and how various factors will affect you right now.

It sounds like you’re brand-new to the concept of custom subliminals and are processing what exactly they are and how they might fit with your goals/priorities.

I agree with Saint and RVconsultant. Best is to just have a look at the various modules and let your intuition respond and react. I can guarantee that there are quite a number of modules there that are directly related to this issue of ‘porn and masturbation’ (in addition, to the eponymous one). But again, your intuitive responses and extended reflections will probably be the best guides.


@SaintSovereign @Fire @DarkPhilosopher Are Attachment Destroyer or Total Nonchalance a part of any major programs?


I think this one fits nicely with StarkQ - probably it is included since Tony is super nonchalant.

Also pretty sure Attachment Destroyer is in Khan ST1.

Both could be some place else as well, but those are the first that came to mind.


just wanted to know how this is coming along, just curious to see if this will be for everthing including Q store and ultimas?


Curious as to what happened with this since it’s the only time I’ve heard this mentioned.


lol same here, i just reply to where he say it so i would show up, didnt quote it like lol
hope so badly that its on schedule for end of this year release or sometime even better


@NinjaFox I really want this as well. If it comes to customs then that I means I can literally make 4 days’ worth of listening progress in a single day (which, since I listen 3 days a week, means that I progress by over a week). And then imagine how powerful breakdown titles would be.


Haven’t had a chance to develop it. We pivoted to full automation and name embedded majors. Ultima is very powerful as it is. No need to rush out a new technology when we haven’t quite mastered the ones we have. Not to mention, that format would have to be built by hand, and we’re trying to sync the development of new builds with the development of Q. Right now, we just got the version of Q that can build Ultimas.

I will give a hint, tho – it’s codenamed “Ultima Plus,” so it’s built on the Ultima format.


wow good to hear that you guy are making more progress on the ultima even tho they just came out, now that dedication