Q Module Questions


@SaintSovereign, could Attachment Destroyer potentially detach you from outcomes in regards to manifestation? As in visualizing something and to let go of the outcome afterward?


Yes, but you may have to consciously guide it.


Is Dragon’s Tongue a part of any major programs?


Does DEUS’s power get “reset” if a custom is rebuilt with a few modules switched out?


This question.

was raised by @dorfmeister and then expanded by @bujin 4months ago.

@SaintSovereign any insights on this one?


Emperor Fitness Height Inducer: Will your arms and body grow to compliment your height growth or will you only grow taller?


Don’t think SubClub would want you to become a Trex. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Regeneration recently, but from the beginning of its intro, I’ve enjoyed Limitless Physical Energy. It energizes me greatly, and I’ve used this many times for work alone. I work my butt off with it!!

What modules is LPE composed of?

I have Energetic Development XI and Productivity Unleashed in my custom already, but LPE energizes me differently. I’m wondering if it could be created from the Q store modules.

And if this was answered already, let me know. I searched the thread for keywords, but didn’t find it.


Does it make sense to have Iron Frame in a Custom when you have Dragon Tongue in it already? From what it seems Dragon Tongue contains some sort of Iron Frame, so it really depends on the size of each module’s script.

I believe some modules are really compact while others are rather large and extensive. Dragon Tongue seems more like the lather and might even contain most of the Iron Frame. Is that correct? @SaintSovereign


Would Mosaic help 2 different titles work potentially better like if someone combined emperor and stark?


That’s what it is supposed to do yes, I have it in my own Custom and it seems to be smoothening everything out.

A personal question – does anyone have any of the Wealth Modules embedded within their Custom and if so which ones and how did they execute themselves?

Thank you very much your answers are highly appreciated.


Does anyone have experience with ‘Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver’, I’m having to choose between this module, Godlike Masculinity, and Lion IV and I’m wondering which one is going to give me the best qualities in terms of the social ability for my current situation and future goals.

Would this module give you the Charisma and Persuasive Qualities that happen to be highly valued in Sales, the ones that @Simon often mentions about Sex & Seduction? He often says that Sex & Seduction is the best social subliminal and gives you tremendous Charisma and the ability to Seduce and Persuade others.


@SaintSovereign Will “Inexhaustible” only help with physical endurance or also with mental endurance? For example, would it help you to study for longer periods of time?


@friday you read my mind with this question, also want to know if the physical changes are for lung capacity, muscle endurance and other things you can share om what it affects physical @SaintSovereign


How is that Halycon working out for you?

Would that be considered a Healing sub?

I was just about to pull the trigger on Dragon Reborn but Halycon looks interesing, and what it offers is essentially why I was ging to do a healing sub


Truthfully I haven’t taken the time to run Halcyon enough to really give it a fair shakedown. In my defense though, I got it a day or 2 after my daughter was born so my schedule has been less predictable than before, in terms of having uninterrupted hours in which I can listen to subs. :wink:
I’ve got it in both Terminus and Terminus Squared strength, and I’ve been listening to the T2 version every Sunday and the Terminus version as often as I can throughout the rest of the week, typically every 2-3 days when I’ve got a chunk of time that I know won’t be interrupted.

I have seen a few examples that I think are attributable to specific modules, such as consciously noticing how pretty some light reflections in a puddle were, or actually really enjoying the stories I read my daughter. For those I would attribute Joie de vivre and/or ego adsum. My “panic responses” are much diminished compared to before, but overall I’m definitely not at the level of blissed out supreme confidence that I’d wish to be at. And I may never be, regardless of what I do… I’m a fairly high-strung person by nature… always have been, even as a little kid.

I’ve also been very confrontational lately… enough that I’m conspicuously being quiet in conference calls now, as I’ve been very vocally critical over the past 2-3 weeks… and while I believe I’m in the right, it certainly hasn’t won me any friends. In fact if anything it’s convinced people that I’m an unreasonable nitpicker… meanwhile all I wanted was for our new website to actually work, and now 3 weeks later among other things, we still can’t publish any new content and the button text on the main page is the same color as the button background… but I digress.

It’s definitely not focused on being a healing sub per se, especially not when compared to a beast like DR. It’s more of a mental strength sub, if that makes sense.

If you want to replicate Halcyon, go right ahead… I’m eager to hear what results you can get with it… also a bit stoked that someone would consider it a viable contender for Dragon Reborn. :laughing::sunglasses:


Would anyone be kind enough to clarify or describe the effects of the module named ‘Mastermind’, what is the module exactly intending to do? Would it help me structurally plan long and short-term goals, in a calculating manner?

Please elaborate if you have any experience with it or with House of Medici and have a clear vision of its effects. Very much appreciated, thank you!


This is exactly what it’s intended to do. I think this one was extracted from House of Medici.


@SaintSovereign Please, kindly explain to us briskly, what’s Information Releaser about?
It says it releases all repressed information you have in your subconscious but what kind of information? More or less, of course.

Thank you.


That’s definitely what I need, I’m not much of a structured nor organized person. Success on the other hand deems for structure, planning, and organization. I’m definitely going to include it in my Custom if it really has such profound effects on me success should be inevitable.

I have a lot of experience with this module, it is especially pronounced within Quantum Limitless Stage One. Any information you need access to; like not instantly finding a memory, thought, name, or whatever seems to easily arise in your thoughts. However, I found it has a direct focus on releasing information pertaining to your self-development – as in memories of self-development content, articles, videos you have stored in your unconscious that are helpful for your current situation.