Q Module Questions


When you guys extract modules from major sub do you guy usually enhance the extracted script?
Basically is there alot of difference from what i will get from having a core or having the module in my a different sub.
Is it better to just put the core in and get the benefits or just put it in by itself?

Also uf i put a module of a core into another sub apart from the other sub having that core and then run them will i get more synergy?


From which subliminal does DIRECT INFLUENCING AURA originate from? I am having no clear picture of that module.


Aura sub.

OR: It could be an original module. It was never stated that all modules are derived from a specific sub :slight_smile:


Does Gloryseeker help with fame as a fame module does in stark or would spotlight help more with that… or maybe the two combined would compliment each other?

Does Lion IV help you be more social, so say you added it to something like an emperor custom would it help you be a bit more social?


Hey @SaintSovereign or @Fire, could you please confirm whether Direct Influencing Aura is derived from Mind’s Eye, Power Can Corrupt, or Stark? Because I’ll have to decide in which Custom of mine it fits more appropriately.

The first Custom is a blend of Ascended Mogul, Inner Circle, and Power Can Corrupt, whereas the second Custom is solely based upon Mind’s Eye. I have to decide whether to put Tyrant in the first or second one, flipping it for Direct Influencing Aura respectively.

I really appreciate a quick answer tremendously.

And you’d be taking down two flies in one clap – just saying, :grin:



Memories, talents, ideas, etc. Basically, if you have a hard time remembering things, this would help.

Yes, we do enhance it. Here’s the thing, though – a module will function in different ways depending on which sub it’s in. Not COMPLETELY different, but different nonetheless. Our scripts are designed to “link” together and support one another. That means, the composition of the sub you’re running will affect how the modules work.

As for the second question – depends on the composition of the subs you’re running. In some cases, it’ll be like getting more exposure. In other cases, you’ll get a ton of synergy.


I don’t think it came from any one subliminal – it’s in a lot of titles. It’s definitely in Stark and a version is in PCC. Remember, we aren’t necessarily building major titles and then just “pulling” modules for Q. We’re pulling concepts and technologies and turning them into modules.


I thought so, the most noticeable effects of that kind of module were on Stark, and I loved it. And I see that makes sense and I’ve kinda figured it out by now, however, I’m doing my best to make sense of each module by having some kind of related experience whether it be conceptual or not.

In all honesty, the Q-store has been a mysterious adventure for me so far. Only if you knew all the questions infiltrating my mind.


With Direct Influencing Aura, for example, will a girl feel more sexual when I am communicating with her and I feel horny? Other way around, when I am feeling down / sad / nervous, will she also notice this on her?


Was thinking this would be the case since i think i read you guys saying say that about running two sub that have the same side focus which will bring the side focus out more

Will be posting up my idea on my two custom, two ultima which i think is pretty great on it on but will need some last touch on it @Fire


When building a Custom, I’ve been intuitively doing it in a way that Modules enhance each other and work synergistically. Now, after filling my Custom, I came to realize I needed additional space and essentially threw some modules out and into my second Custom to free up slots.

Could you give any indication of how those modules affect Custom A when they are in Custom B (with and without Mosaïc added)?

I believe many people, including myself, have been contemplating this question without a clear understanding. For example — I have Yggdrasil in Custom A but I could potentially put it in Custom B, however, I’m thinking it would then bring more unlikely positive situations for Custom B instead of A. Hence, why I decided to keep it in A, that said, for another Module like Joie de Vivre, it might overlap more obviously because it is an emotional module, and the emotion will constantly be present. What are your thoughts on this?


@SaintSovereign Would you say that the OVERDRIVE module helps to make “difficult situations” more successful? For example, a night out at a club that normally always ends up that you get rejected by some girls, do you think Overdrive would help you here to manifest a more “successful” night, with fewer rejections, and maybe even getting laid?

Also, when confronting your fears, would you say this module helps with manifesting the most desired outcome and not the bad event you picture in your head?


I’m considering running Chosen of Venus and Aura of Craving in my custom - both are obviously things affecting my aura. I think these are mainly the only aura’s I have in my custom, is this too much?

Has there been an official limit on how many aura’s we should limit or no? I’m guessing there’s still research going on for this.


@Brandon, I’m sure they go hand in hand – do not worry, too many Aura’s would something like having 6 of them.


This makes me happy because I really want both of them considering they fit into my custom.

May have to look into a couple of the others too.


I’d stick with two or three, do keep in mind some of them well diminish pronunciation while others (Energetic Development), would enhance them.


Oh for sure, I don’t want too many at all. Just the 2-3 max. I think I’ll end up staying with the 2 anyway.


If I’m understanding you accurately, @Hermit, you’re thinking about this:

When stacking 2 or more custom subliminal tracks, how much do modules and their effects interact across different customs?

You’re right, I think many of us are thinking about this. In my opinion, modules interact a lot across different customs.

Lately, what’s making sense to me is to think of all of the programs as plugging into one space: my mind.

You mentioned Yggdrasil. I think that Yggdrasil opens the mind’s capacity to connect to flows of manifestation. I think, personally, that this will apply to all of the areas that the person is strongly reaching for in life.

I see it like Water. When you add a material into water, at first that substance will be most heavily concentrated around the spot where you poured it in. But gradually, it will be diffused and circulated throughout all of the water. So, a module will have it’s strong effects at first in relation to the Custom that contains it, but gradually its effects will diffuse out to other programs. Or even beyond specific subliminal programs, extending to your general mind functioning.

Some modules, like Joie de Vivre as you mentioned, have more general emotional effects and so there’s not as much of a question. Some, however, seem like they might be more specific.

Informaticon, for example. Would you find an increased flow of useful information for everything? Or mainly for the subject of that Custom Subliminal that includes the Informaticon module? My experience so far suggests that while running Informaticon, you’ll find useful information and knowledge sources for whatever you care about or whatever you are actively investigating or wondering about.

It seems like sometimes the modules simultaneously have synergistic effects and individual effects.

It’s a theory, of course. But it seems like that’s what’s happening.

Mosaic is another interesting one. I feel like as my mind absorbs the Mosaic script, it makes all of my programs work more smoothly together. I think this is because it’s encouraging development in my mind’s ability to harmoniously integrate programs.

Is this related at all to your original post?


Every Custom or Subliminal will interact with another but having a module in the Custom oneself changes the overall feel and execution of solely that Custom.

We have the same opinion about things, so I resonate with your thoughts. Thank you for the insights.



Will Primal Seduction: Iron Throne be available as a core in the Q store ever or any time soon?