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I wanted to ask this for some time now, then i was just like maybe the core there is the one found in iron throne and the one in the normal has healling modules added in, would like to hear the respond for this


interesting thought, my sense from running my custom with PS and running PS: Iront Throne
is that is not the case though.


Also Centurion, Creativity Unleashed, Phoenix Rising, and Into Distant Worlds.

Any others I missed?


Those would be great modules since they were never updated to Q as stack modules


I’m looking for one more manifestation module to add to my Manifestation Custom. It’ll be a decisive choice as the two modules I’m looking at are hardly obvious to me in their execution. Can someone please explain whether Fortune’s Favorite is supposed to enhance manifestation by opening pathways of luck? Or is this module only really applicable if you’re into gambling and thing as such. Would it help when closing deals in sales for example, which also has a component of luck to it.

On the other hand, I’m looking at Divine Will – it also clearly mentions; ‘Your will, your true will, is a thing of limitless potential. Using the Divine Will module, you will become truly in touch with your true will and steadily become able to manifest quicker, more powerfully, and more abundantly.

Does it mean this module is a manifestation enhancer or how will it go about manifesting quicker, more powerfully, and more abundantly?

If you happen to know anything about these modules, please do let me know. Thank you very much.


For this one, you already know the answer, but maybe just weren’t thinking of it that way.

Divine Will reminds me of you.

Divine Will is about proper alignment with the manifestive power that exists within your own mind and being. This power is sometimes known as Will. It is Nature expressed through mind, emotions, desires, and perceptions. When the mind unifies and harmonizes, its energy coheres. There is a sense of internal and external synchrony and effectiveness.

That is the very same power underlying manifestation. The Voice of the Soul.

You wrote:

Here is the description to Fortune’s Favorite:

While most people see luck as just luck, that is erroneous. It is in fact manifestation that occurs, and true luck in itself is something that is as close to chance as possible. Fortune’s Favorite is a module specifically dealing with raw luck, and it has a simple function – increasing your odds to more favorable ones. What was once a chance of 1 in a 1000, now will become less. You can use this well if your profession or hobbies have an inherent luck aspect to them, but remember – luck is not everything (manifestation is much more important), and it is not 100% (even with a 99% chance, you can still fail).

So, Fortune’s Favorite is not closely related to manifestation. It is dealing with raw luck.

The description mentions manifestation for the sake of clarity, because many people confuse the difference between manifestation and luck.

But as for exactly how this module works? It’s not specified here.

If we’re being technical, each and every single module and subliminal program is related to manifestation because they bring results by directing the creative power of our minds. So that’s a basic principle.

Apart from that though, the description of this module says that it is about improving odds in the context of random-chance or luck-based activities.

You can include it and see what great surprises happen. But to me, this is not really a manifestation module. Well, hmm…actually it is a manifestation module. But what it manifests are ‘Better Odds In Random Chance Activities’. So that’s a very unique sort of manifestation.

Usually, when we think of manifestation we’re thinking about bringing about a particular specific set of conditions in our external reality. Promotion. Car. Relationship. Opportunity for Growth. Alignment with the Highest Good. And so on. It’s not highly random necessarily (though every phenomenon in life contains some random elements).

To say it clearly: there are areas in life where we roll the dice and take a gamble. Fortune’s Favorite will improve the odds in those situations.


Oh no! Now I’m thinking of a module called Fortune’s Fuck.

Not only will this module continually land you in the midst of sexual encounters with people you have no business trying to be with (and let’s be honest, no prospects of being with either); but you’ll find that, increasingly over time, you’re becoming a kind of sexual Forrest Gump—inexplicably finding yourself (fucking) at the crux of events and situations that will shape the history and course of our world and of life as we know it.

You are now…Fortune’s Fuck.

My name is @Malkuth and I do not approve this message.

(I apologize to my parents, my constituents, and to all of the good people who contributed—and possibly wasted–their efforts trying to raise me.)

(moderators: if this is too much, just let me know. It just popped out of my mind fully formed, like Athena, and I couldn’t stop laughing.)


Thank you @Malkuth, because you are detached from the situation you were able to ask yourself to question ‘What does this module actually do?’, and perhaps read its description, taking a deep breath in and letting the Universal Flow answer the question through you.

I’ve done this for myself before and got a very similar answer, however, I was seeking outside assurance to verify my thoughts. As in someone who has used this Module before and could easily discern its effects. I do very much appreciate your answer because the information you received is very much what I thought of it, which in return also gives me verification.

In my opinion, there are no such things as coincidence or luck, everything in life has Cause and Effect, so there just is no such thing as luck. I’ve been re-affirming myself as a lucky time from the time I was born and you would not even believe the lucky situations I’ve experienced, and everything an experience as such happens I re-affirm it, again and again, making that belief stronger over time – resulting in even more pronounced lucky situations. In the same way, people constantly curse themselves saying if X happens Y always happens. For example, every time I earn additional income an unexpected bill shows up… LOL! Pinnacle of jinxing yourself haha…

Those are actually my thoughts – rolling a dice, or flipping a slot machine or poker and card games with friends. It could be a good module if you often go out to bars and flip coins for money, or card tricks for money and whatnot. I consider myself a very lucky person and actually I’ve made a lot of money in school when I was younger flipping coins and doubling the money, my odds were something like 90% win rate – and that’s when I realized that I power to consciously manifest certain outcomes. I had this inner-knowing and feeling that I could flip the coin to match my desired outcome and with a belief is just always tended to happen, even when others flipped them.



Would adding Lion IV to an Emperor Custom make it a bit more social or atleast help it be a bit more social?


Is there a module i can add to an emperor custom that might make it a bit more social?


I’d love to know this for the future. I was going to change my fame custom Core to Emperor instead of Stark but unsure…


I want to make a stark version of emperor lol. I like Stark but i love more aspects of emperor especially the motivation and drive i get on it. I enjoyed stark but it kinda gave me a ill get to it when i feel like it vibe which i didn’t enjoy.

An emperor with fame and some social but not too much would be great lol


Is Aura of Craving solely women-oriented or does it have more of a general effect, making people attracted and interested in you while making them crave your presence and energy?


This is exactly what I want too, I feel like this is also something Apollo wants.

And the latter of what you said:

I don’t like that, and I felt the same. I want to get work out the way so I can have fun. I hate procrasinating.

What’s your comparison between Emperor and Stark besides the drive/more free to do feeling?


@Hermit aura of craving will attract both men and women.


For those who have an interest in ‘Deus’, I’ve figured out wherein its power lies. With Deus, you will build a Sympathetic Link to your Custom, creating a stronger bond between you and the Customs inside of your unconscious mind, allowing it to affect a wider area, growing more efficient, and increasing the profoundness of effects.

Essentially; the more you run a Custom with Deus the greater you will find the effects to become. I’ve personally noticed this with my first Custom named Da Vinci – doing just one loop of it after nothing have used it for a tremendous amount of time, changes my reality like you would not believe it. It is one powerhouse of a Custom and I did not even have that much exposure to it, Deus is definitely worthy of a spot in your Custom.

Q Modules Experiences

@Hermit that’s worth putting in the Q Modules Experiences thread.


I’m wondering what Polyglot (module) includes. According to the description, it’s about improving your languages and understanding how their work and how to study them. As a language learner, I know, the key is to stay motivated, enjoy studying (find a way of studying which is enjoyable), constantly checking what works best for you according to the level you are at, acquiring language confidence (not carrying about making mistakes, just moving out of your comfort zone and using the language) and restraining yourself from translating in (your mind) from your native language to the target language. Would it be possible to revise Polyglot? Or maybe those things are included in the script?

@SaintSovereign? @Fire?

Thank you, gentlemen. :slight_smile:


@Hermit I’m curious, have you compared it to a custom that has been created without DEUS?

I wonder whether DEUS is significant to include in every custom as SC has already confirmed that some variant of “getting stronger over time” is part of the mandatory core implicitly put in every custom.


Do you find Deus in one custom will effect Dues in another custom without it?

I’ve noticed this too my results, connection from my custom with Deus continue to expand newly, while the one without don’t as much.


So you have found it to noticeably benefit you? I’m curious how you have noticed this as I am assuming you are not taking a quantitative view.