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to determine a model you’d have to run customs adding or subtracting one specific model and testing over time. If that is what you mean by quantitative then no I have not done that with that custom exactly.

I’ve run terminus custom with and without Deus

What I have noticed is that store programs (I assume have Deus) and my customs with Deus I get more and more out of over time, where as my custom without deus seems to flat line. It gives consistent results but hasn’t expanded really. (that I am aware of) I also subjectively feel less interested ‘connected’ and inclined to run it as the others.

There could be many other variables contributing to this including the content matter and my actions.

So I’d say my view is qualitative, objective only as far as my subjectivity has potentially universal roots, and intuitive which could be highly accurate or delusional


Not as much as you’d think, Deus affects mostly the Custom you have it in. Other modules, such as Gratitude Embodiment for example will more easily overlap.

But I’m sure Deus is already in the Mandatory Core, hence why it becomes so extremely powerful.

I have not, however, I’ve done a lot of contemplating on this Module and once I got another Custom I could reference the experience with my other one and compare both results to a regular Title.


I finally understand why Tyrant is such a powerful module, it increases the belief in your personal convictions and reality.

‘None is ever defeated until defeat is accepted as a reality.’

The difference between a Thought and Belief is that Thoughts are Conscious and Beliefs are Unconscious. As Above, So Below; Thoughts become Beliefs and Beliefs generate Thoughts. Your interactions with others around you will be forged and shaped by the Beliefs you hold of yourself, hence why Subliminal’s change the way others behave around you and treat you because your beliefs have changed and they can feel it on an unconscious level, mostly unknowingly.

Essentially, Tyrant will enhance and strengthen your personal Beliefs and therefore make your personal reality more true in regards to others. Meaning, you will see others more easily giving in to your Beliefs rather than conveying you otherwise.

Boiling back to the following statement – ‘None is ever defeated until defeat is accepted as a reality.’ – others will give in to your reality because your conviction and therefore your Emotion (energy in motion) is stronger compared to theirs. Now you may ask, where does this Energy come from? It comes from the higher vibrational thoughts that arise from unconscious believing that your reality is stronger than theirs.

This is what Alchemy is about and it is unlimited in its expression, once mastered.

Can anyone confirm whether Khan has a form of Tyrant in it? @SaintSovereign, or @Fire?


@SaintSovereign @Fire Question about timing.

Certain modules suggest they are more suited to a specific time of day, for example, Deep Sleep is better in the evenings I’d assume, whereas Carpe Diem Ascended or Inexhaustible may be more suited to the morning (as would The Executive).

If someone has a custom with both energy boost AND rest/wind down modules, does it matter which time of day it’s listened to, or do the respective modules “kick in” whenever they’re supposed to?

I assume that’s the case, but would just like to confirm.

I’m planning my next custom, and am wondering if it could be 1 general body optimization one (previously outlined in my journal as Extremis) or if I should split it into a “go mode” custom with energy and motivation boosters for the morning, plus a “rest mode” one for the evenings, with healing, deep sleep, etc modules.

Also, how soon do you expect Paragon to be added as a module?


@Hermit this is one that i was contemplating adding to my existing custom. This will be one for the future perhaps 3 months from now.


@Fire @SaintSovereign

Would adding Approachability Aura to an emperor custom sub or a result enhancement sub help emperor be less intense aura wise in certain situations?


@Floridianninja i imagine it would but to me it seems pointless to add an approachability aura to emperor as an emperor is to be feared and respected. If people respect you they will approach you. If they fear you they will stay away that fear may come from jealousy or anger so i dont want those types of people around me.



What are your thoughts on this? Approachability Aura mixed with Emperor


Ya i totally see it from that perspective but let’s be honest 90% of the planet is fearful of approaching people lol. So people with good intentions might stay clear if they are fearful of your response… while it maybe benefit you in some situations it may be detrimental in others.

Some may respect you but still be scared, nervous, or have fear of approaching you. And as far as Aura i think it changes per situation or it would have to at the very least.

I mean you had how many aura modules in your custom sub? So it would have to be able to change on the fly or there would be no point in adding so many aura modules.

I wonder how Chosen of Venus would mix with Emperor


This reminds me of how the Christian God is viewed by people of the past and ptesent. Or one could say there is a difference between the Old Testament God and New Testament God.

One is a just God who has to be feared, the other one is the merciful God who loves you so much that he sends his son to earth.

Anyway, at the level of sovereign like an Emperor, Emperors of the past have had differing personalities and ways of interacting with the common people.

Of course, many Emperors wanted to be feared and respected, but there were those who wanted to be loved and to bring themselves down tp the same level of the common people.

So I guess an approachability aura could always fit in depending on your goals.


Thats where you have to cultivate a personality that draws those kinds of people to you. Whether its a big smile, humourous personality, charisma these are more important then having an aura.