Q Module Questions


Are you guys certain that the physical shifting modules (e.g. height) will work with enough listening?


Am I the only one that’s been sitting in front of the Q store pulling my hair out at the modules to leave out since it launched ~9 hours ago?

It’s like having Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, Neymar, Mbappe, Hazard all in one team but some of them need to be benched :unamused:


Interesting, I put what I wanted into a wishlist. It came out to exactly 20 modules.

Hmm :thinking:


Lol i am having the same problem and i haven’t even added all the modules i wanted too. I am def going to have to make a second custom sub.


from forum browsing and my extrapolation it seems

Ares-is like healing into a healthy masculine through releasing fear, doubt, guilt, shame and the insidious ways they can ripple out

I AM- creates a total breakdown, like Khan Stage One-I imagine through ‘bulldozing’ any and all aspects of self not in service of your truth or your ’ I AM’-it’s not gentle-healing through fire

Februus -dissolves (gentler) traumas and what needs healing through slowly targeting and wearing away -without contradicting or negating current believes, but it causes those believes to be seen from new angles and perspectives-healing through water


Ikr… there are some modules that I feel need to be in every sub, such as:






The Merger of Worlds


No but I’m sitting waiting for mine to be a available for a listen. Hopefully later today. image


You starting a journal?


I got some stuff figured out, now I’m adjusting. Will ask Saint for advice when I got everything down and rename my journal. But I will keep using my current journal


We’d appreciate if you started a new journal in the “Journals - Quintessence” section for Q store customs. Although in theory we could move and rename it if you don’t want to be called a liar for saying TM5 was your final journal. :slight_smile:

PS I thought you were the resident expert on epigenetics?


Why did I just know you’d say that? :smiley:
I have my assumptions what it is doing, but I am not sure since subliminals already affect DNA. So what is this module for exactly?

That’s also an option. I will just make a cut and create a part 2 in the quintessence section.


Hi @ExploringAstronaut Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. Please check out the biology of belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.


I know epigenetics and dr lipton, it’s just that I don’t understand what exactly this module is going to do since every subliminal is epigenetics in action


I think some of these might be in the core modules such as Tyrant and the Forge. I remember Tyrant being listed in Emperor’s module list and the description for the forge sounds like it is in every subliminal.

I’m seeing it as those ones are micro and designed to work best within that core while the separate modules would be more macro and combine every other module nicely.


No, you will simply start developing a mix between them. Keep in mind the development of your energetic system has a major effect on anything aura related.

Why not?

You’ll experience reconciliation either way most likely. How much that depends on the custom in question.

Terminus^2… that is seriously dependent on the individual and for how many loops. I would recommend going for the normal Terminus first, if you really want to go that route.

Remember, its not all about power, its also about smoothness and consistently increasing results.

You would have to reconcile beliefs such as “is changing the physical actually possible?”. And yes, you can create a subliminal for physical changes, but keep in mind the time span. It can take days, weeks, months, years.

An excellent way to go about Q-shifting modules (ie physical change) is to add one or two to your custom subliminal, and focusing on the other goals of that subliminal (such as wealth). After a few months, you’ll one day see yourself in the mirror and think “damn, my face looks different”.

This was the average in testing. :wink:

All our subliminals can be consciously guided. So both.

Will take a look. Could be an accident.

There is no need to do this. Simply choose what you desire in your subliminal and add it.

If you want EmperorQ, simply add the Emperor Core. If you want MogulQ, add the Mogul Core.

Will check it out.

Please put only 20 modules.

Each core counts as 1 module. So to get 20, you’d have to take out 1 core or 1 module.

It’s quite dependent on the individual and the action they are taking. It is an intensive process that can take a long time, but in our testing we had an, on average, a positive response. :wink:

In short, yes, but be realistic.


Thank you for the great overview Azriel!


What are the fundamental differences between Limit Destroyer and Unlimiter?


The goal of my hypothetical custom sub is physical change primarily. I can imagine complementing the physical modules with result boosters and aura-type stuff, but they are meant to accentuate the result of the physical change. You wouldn’t suggest making a custom sub that is goal’ed on physical change?

Also, is there going to be any module for thick straight hair in the future? :slight_smile:


What was the maximum and average growth?


With a customized sub, does stacking it with a supercharger still have any benefits?