Q Module Questions


We’re about to test this now, with my girlfriend being the guinea pig. She decided to give herself a pixie cut, doesn’t like it and now she wants her long hair back.

Let's Design A Q Sub! (ft. Physical Changes)

This is THE module I’ve been looking for in my entire subliminal career. If it works, that will be phenomenal.

@SaintSovereign your comment seems to address hair growth/length, but is the ‘straight hair’ part explicitly there in the module?


Do you plan creating a weight gain module? I saw multiple fitness subliminals but I am hesistant since they all burn fat which is exactly what I don’t want


Serum X is meant to be a weight (muscle mass) gainer.


The Emperor Fitness cores are polymorphic – they work with whatever goal you want. If it’s burning fat, it’ll help burning fat. If it’s gaining muscle, it’ll do that too. @Fire is a bodybuilder and that’s what he runs.


@SaintSovereign I am not talking about becoming a body builder and gaining weight in form of muscle, I mean any weight at all, since you need to have fat in your body aswell. I am not looking to gain muscle weight specifically, I am just fine with gaining any weight.
Thanks for claryfying that though. Could you explain what Epigenetics does? It wasn’t very clear to me


“We upgraded elements of Limitless, Emperor, Daredevil, Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, etc. and created 75+ of pages of exclusive scripting, tailoring those scripts to meet the specific goal of turning you into a billionaire, genius playboy (or girl — yes, it can be used by everyone).”

Does this mean that the Core of Stark contains elements and pieces of Limitless, Daredevil, Iron Throne tailored to the perception of a Stark’s reality? In that case, I seems obvious that combining Daredevil or Iron Throne to Stark Core would be very enhancing to each other. Just because the modules and goals are more congruent to each other.

As an airy person that I am, I try to keep all parameters into account when creating my personalized subliminal, I’d appreciate your empathy for that. :slight_smile:


Isn’t this possible if you put all kind of different modules from different categories, covering everything? Its like they all work on something, you expect nothing, you set and forget and a year later you notice a lot of changes.


Agreed, I’m not worried about redundancy, I’m looking to cover all bases.
I.E. So if sex mastery is in Emperor core-don’t care or need to enhance it by adding sex mastery, if it’s not
I want to address that sexual element./or if I have a Stark Core and it has Iron Throne-I won’t add primal seduction core, if it doesn’t I would add a primal seduction core.

Part of what I love and know about EmperorQ I can tell certain things are at play, new beginnings, gratitude, wealth motivation- I don’t know if those are add on modules or the core


Is it ok to run Stage 4 core’s if we’ve never run stage 1?


Also Does anyone know:

It seems the breakdown stages in multi-stage subs is usually let go of, once the base has been set, by the fourth stage for optimal results.

I can understand while a breakdown sub like I AM will cause some upheaval and/or intense reconciliation for a time will it eventually even when the groundwork is set, or will it always be a limiting factor/cause distress if present?

Any one who has run Khan may know this. I’ve just read how tough total breakdown can be and it can create next level off putting vibes–I want the healing power of I AM but also a sub that I can run maintenance on for romance, wealth effects.


If I AM sounds too tough, think about adding Februus.


Ah that one I’d actually be interested in. Growing hair faster.


physical shifter-sexiness-mentions hair as an optimizing aspect of what it can do


Ah yeah I don’t need the other bits of that though. Seems a waste to add it just for longer hair.


Thank you for the suggestion
I am somewhat familiar with the difference-I want tough-and what I AM offers-I just want tough that eventually abates
and that won’t compromise my ultimate goal.


Another reason why I’d make sense to use healing modules such as ‘I Am’ separately. Maybe we can convince Fire and Saint to make these available for us in the Subliminal Club store. I want to make my personalized stack as focused I can intend it to be.

There are so many parameters to keep into account when creating a subliminal and very often, for different reason they’re not always known – which is unfortunate. Anyhow, I do believe one of the most important parameters to take into account is to chose modules that enhance your natural behavior patterns and energies. I have 50% of my elements in air, so conversing, social behavior and charisma comes very natural to me, besides I am a Scorpio so I like to be in the center-point of attention while uplifting others. Stark and Daredevil fits those needs nicely.


Do we get a notification by mail as to when our custom is ready ? or do we just check our download account on a regular basis ?


What exactly is " Epigenetics & DNA Modulator"? It seems like a support module, but isn’t any physical change making use of epigenetics?


Thank you!