Q Module Questions


Do you have to purchase cores or can it be simply modules?


And Atman:

“Destroying your limits on the path of uncovering your true self is an integral part of the journey. This module will question you and your limits, prodding you to see why you limit yourself when you can be limitless, and allowing you to rise above the self-inflicted boundaries.”


I had not even looked at Atman. I like its conceptual frame more than Unlimiter or Limit Destroyer.


Is Gorgeous Manifestor module in Khan or any other major subliminal?


You can, of course. Just keep in mind that most people love seeing changes fast. If you create a sub and have to run it for a long time, looking at yourself every day to see if something is happening, you may get annoyed with the sub and think it isn’t working.

But if you put the physical changes in with other stuff, you can happily see the other stuff manifest in your life while the physical changes creep up on you in the background. Makes it easier to be patient.

I’m guessing that’s the idea behind Fire’s suggestion.

Of course, you could stack it as well, provided you can handle 2+ customs in a stack at Q+ level.

Men all over the world don’t care if it’s straight as long as they have hair again. :slight_smile:

I find it remarkable modern science still hasn’t figured out how to unclog and reactive those hair follicles.

These same men that want their hair back are also very envious of anybody that has trouble gaining weight of any kind.

I remember my teens. The joy of being able to eat a full plate of pasta for lunch and still maintaining my six-pack.

You should try it, guilt-free eating…

Other than that, Saint gave you the answer, eFit adapts even to ectomorphs. Be careful not to overdo it.

It is, but it’s a lot of sub. So be mindful, check in with yourself to see how it feels. If your foundation is inadequate it may lead to more reconciliation and take longer to show good results compared to going through the previous stages first.

That was the case with Khan and EoG, not with the later multi’s if I’m not mistaken. And even with Khan & EoG some people stacked St1 & St4 in a loop because they wanted both. Or went back to St1 for a bit.

It gets better/easier over time of course. But don’t be surprised if there’s a lot more healing than you think there is. Healing tends to work backwards in time, starting with the newest “issues” and working its way back all the way to times you can’t even remember anymore. Saint has been doing subs for years and he’s still coming up with new healing subs that knock him on his backside.

So feel free to combine something like I AM within your sub. I know I probably will.

I AM (Fire) + Februus (Water) =

Loving it already!

You should get an email with a message stating your subliminal has processed and is ready for download. The mail may have changed slightly now that the store is ready, but there should still be an email.

Second person to ask that. I can only guess but I think the other subs are causing it to happen indirectly. They invoke a change, the change has to possibly work on the genetic level. Maybe this module approaches the change in the other direction.

If that is a correct guess, then it would be great in any physical change sub.

You don’t have to include cores. Most people do since they contain a lot of stuff they can then build on with the other modules. So it’s probably a good idea to help give your subliminal some clear direction. But it’s not required.

Phew! Time to rest my hands.

Choices of custom

They have, but it’s a shockingly recent development that will take a while before the public can make use of it :slight_smile:

Wish this was true for me, but my hair is just not manageable when it gets long. I’ve been growing out my hair during the quarantine and I realized that once shops are open again I’ll be going back to short hair. I thought I could use certain tools to manage it but it turns out to be too much of a hassle.


Why do mice get to try all the cool stuff first?

This must be your hairstyle then too. :wink:

My hair tends to curl when it gets too long. But it hasn’t been for some time now unfortunately…


Didn’t use the quarantine as an opportunity?

Yes that’s true. And unfortunately the other stuff I was considering don’t seem like they’d have obvious changes either (e.g. remote seduction, aura changes). There’s quantum limitless st4 core but that might be a bit much. Funny, thought physical changes would be the most ‘obvious’ out of any of the modules.

Since it’s still a while away before I actually create this hypothetical sub I’ll be doing a thread about it.


I’m a bit thin up top, you just can’t see it with the hood. Trust me, it does not look very appealing. When my barber finally opened the 1st of this month I paid him double to make it short again.

Looking forward to your thread. Over time maybe we can build some templates for people to use as a baseline.


If we want to add additional licensed modules in the future to our existing build how does it work ?.


You may have to explain a bit more. Since every build is unique, you can’t “add” to your existing build. It would be a new build.


You’d end up paying for the new modules, the $99 base, plus whatever build level you add on top (T or T^2) then you’d have two custom subs.


Makes sense I think for now will use my first custom and see how things go for me.


What if all of my licensed modules that I used in custom will be updated to newer versions, would I have to rebuild it and pay a fee in order to get my custom updated ?


You sure? Isn’t just for regeneration and consequentially higher training output?


Both height enhancement and male enhancement talk about taking action. I have questions…
And I’m not sure I want the answers. Sounds painful.


For height, it might be as simple as some spine lengthening yoga exercises. No comment on the other one.


@Fire @SaintSovereign

It’d be really helpful if (where possible) you could put a description/association for each of the Q modules to their respective major subliminal core, please ?

Example : For the “I AM” module , you have already linked it to Khan ST1 .



Out of curiosity:

If two people with the same name eg Joe were to be interested in the same custom sub, could they just pay for it once and listen to the ultrasonic version on speakers?


We’d prefer not to do this – there’s no such thing as “redundancy” with these subs. The modules within a core are geared at strengthening that core and doesn’t necessarily extend to the full custom. Choose the modules based on your needs, not what you think is in a core. Otherwise, you may not get the results you want.