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On the subject of masculine enhancement are you measuring your penis when erect or when it is flaccid ?


I measure my penis erect, is there any benefit to measuring it flaccid?


After 1 week of exposure to custom sub with male enhancement and height inducer
I will second this-
I don’t know if I have ‘grown’ in any way
but my member is definitely bigger erect and non-erect-likely to increase blood flow.
And whether postural or disc fluid related I am slightly taller or rather I am the tallest I have ever been in my adult life-back up to a solid 5’7 after being 5’6 3/4 for the last 4 years due to posture and injuries.
I don’t want to watch these things too closely so I will take measurements again after another month of exposure.


Can’t hurt at nude beaches and locker rooms


Does the height inducer work for men over 40 ? as i believe we stop growing at a certain age.


Anybody has any experience with romance and sex modules in T2 build ?
I was thinking of creating sex and romance custom but was wondering if I should get it in T2 for deeper impact ?


I believe @blackadder has his seduction subliminal completely in T2.


T2 will for sure give you a deeper impact :slight_smile:

The question is are you prepared to swallow the pill and go even deeper into the rabbit hole ?


Imagining Blackadder with his T2 Seduction Subliminal.


I have gone thru your journal of terminus and I think you do even 10 loops of terminus in a day …
I might not be that ready but my current custom with four core is terminus and I have been running it for last 4 days , and I do 3-4 loops in a day .
I find impact sweet , so when I read about T2 , I thought I have done PS and SM in Q , why not to go for T2 so that it can hit more deep and more profound changes .
I was bit spektical as I was not sure if T2 is more apt for sipiritual subs or romance and sex subs can also have more meaningful impact witjT2


Some interesting reports on blue skies might just add that to my custom


I’d like to know how effective EGO ADSUM is. If it really lives up to being considered as “The Power of Now in a module” then that is something that I definitely want. I’m reading The Power of Now and I find it hard for me to stay focused on it, not just because of the technical language involved but also because my mind keeps getting distracted by other non-present stuff.


EGO ADSUM helps alot, you cant escape the now anymore :grinning: but it really does help and with small stuff like awareness of yourself, body, you can stay in the now more easy at a very intense level if thats what you wish.


How important would everyone consider Mosaïc to be? Would you reckon it is purely focused on internal enhancement or also external enhancement of merging scripts, I personally intuit both internal as external, let me know if you think otherwise.


While all our subliminals are meticulously crafted to fit in with each other, there are also parts of the script to encourage this process directly such as this one. If you are planning on stacking your subliminal with something else, Mosaic is a good module to add.

No mention of internal enhancement at all. Based on the description, I’d think it’s purely for allowing custom subliminals to work better when stacked together. Especially when I read the last sentence. I personally wouldnt add it unless I have an empty slot.


Honestly, I’d consider Mosaic to be one of the least important modules in the entire Q store :joy:


Yeah, it may be otherwise, there’s just not much known about it.


I can’t see any of them as less important. Some are not in line with my goals, but that’s about it.

MOSAIC, to me, promotes synergy and interconnection between diverse programs.

It is kind of mysterious and it would be great to hear more about it. But even that little bit that I’ve said made me think it was important. You may be cool with running different subliminals, but you still only have one mind to integrate them all. MOSAIC seems to be about ensuring that they all ‘play nicely together’.

Perhaps one way of clarifying it would be to ask, ‘okay. well, what would happen to my process if I didn’t include Mosaic?’

I don’t think I have the most diverse stack on here, but there are a few aspects of my program that kind of stick out or diverge from each other a bit. I think that my mind would have to work harder to integrate those divergent elements if I had not included Mosaic.

Hmm…well, that’s still not answering much of anything. Maybe Saint or Fire or DarkPhilosopher will shed some light at some point.


I guess an helpful question to ask would be; will Mosaic turn Ascension & Mogul into Ascended Mogul?


That is a helpful question.