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Ya it sounds like those mixed with productivity unleashed also


If it actually ends up being a superset of items, then I could really make room for other modules!


I chose to include this one in my custom because of the motivation and drive aspects, because my typical pattern is pretty all over the place, difficult to focus on one specific task at once, and heavy desire for relaxation after a hard week of work. I needed something to overcome the rational minds tendency to justify not focusing on areas where I’m not likely to see big results for possibly two months into use. I do think it has had a positive impact on my motivation to learn everything possible about seduction that is relevant to my unique skillset during the lockdown (as well as my other key goal areas I mentioned on my journal, and the novel). Today I finished one video out of a multi video set and felt a sense of satisfaction at having stuck with it over the course of two or three days to finish it.

I didn’t notice that drive and call to action in the other modules you mentioned, but Productivity Unleashed makes sense, as does Joe de Vivre.


How do you feel with regards to negativity? Natural Winner addressed it, I am wondering if the drive that you have gotten in Carpe Diem Addresses it.

an unrelenting motivation that pushes through all failures that happen. Failure will disappear, it will not exist in your reality. What will exist in its place is a learning tool. You will also let go of negativity, and you will start feeling as if success is simply your destiny and is inevitable.


That’s an interesting point, and one that may distinguish the modules. I’m unconcerned about negativity in that sense. The DVDs I’ve watched recently, for way of example. emphasize your perception and frame is key. I feel Emperor assisted me enough in being able to emphasize to me my own value and self worth that there is no such thing as failure.

By way of example, the way of framing my interaction with one particular woman, is not about pushing for a particular outcome, but enjoying the ability to learn and develop skills while interacting with people of high quality. I also hold the possibility that interacting with this person is a path to being introduced to other people who can expand my social circle. Peoples problem with failure I think is that they build up expectations of specific situations rather than appreciating the journey to an outcome. If you expect to make a million dollars one year and then you just increase your net worth by 1K, or struggle to save, you might be disappointed, but if you focus on the learning and the acquisition of knowledge and implementing key strategies one by one, its difficult to be disappointed when you see each small step fall into place one by one. It’s all about how you frame it.


I believe this is a matter of guarantees in the moment. When looking at success in retrospect, it is easier to see how one seeming failure led to an opportunity which then more directly impacted one’s success. However, in the moment a guarantee of a positive outcome is ascertained only in the final step that impacted success.


Remote Viewing XQ Core.

Has anyone tried this out?

Any effects when pairing with Mind’s Eye?


Another Blue Skies Testimonial:

@WhiteTiger, I agree that this module isn’t talked about enough. It was hyped so much before the Q store existed too.


What about :

  • Potentiator
  • Unlimiter
  • Deus (this one seems strange, like a self growing subliminal?)


Not many people talk about it, but it’s practically a mandatory booster that almost everyone puts in.


How do they work :thinking: and how do you feel they work


Deus is awesome brother, it’s like whenever you listen to a Custom your brain waves shift into a zen-state, it has scripting to do that. Your Custom will become smoother and smoother overtime, it’ll increase in efficiency & potency, which builds up over time.

Like I have my Custom for a good 2-3 weeks now and it has become really amazing to listen to, the processing adjusts to what you’re able to handle, growing input/output accordingly.

Deus & Omnidimensional are mandatory in my personal opinion, these two modules will totally blow your mind in the long-run.

I believe these modules are already in the standard script, which is very obvious but having them as actual modules is very much worth it.


To be honest, any of these modules have way more to it then we can actually point out. They change our unconscious behaviour, which isn’t something you’re aware of unfortunately.

Journaling is probably the best way to notice all of the changes during your ‘transition’, I wasn’t even aware of the Blue Skies effects until you mentioned them here. And then I was like, yeah right that’s actually very true. Not that I didn’t notice it but I just thought that was the work of ‘I Am’ in combination with ‘Attachment Destroyer’, ‘Blue Skies’ has definitely enhanced there effects.


How has your ‘I Am’ experience been so far?

and not me, the module :smile:


I Am is the most beneficial healing module I have ever seen.

Take into account that my Custom also contains other components that are streamlined with the I Am’s effects, so your results may vary.

In the past three weeks my reality has shifted more compared to anything else I have experienced during this lifetime.

Let’s just say that I Am is literally burning away anything which is in-between me and my goals to become an Ascended men. And that’s only in three weeks, imagine months? Results increase exponentially, especially if you have Deus & Omnidimensional. I never know what to expect next with my Custom, every week brings a new surprise!

Makes me wonder if I Am breaks down emotion, limiting beliefs, trauma related to the other modules in my Custom. That would totally make sense.

Poking @SaintSovereign or @Fire for the aforementioned question.


I’m glad you are enjoying the i am module. It is called total breakdown for a reason. :wink: All of the modules/cores/subs are amazing. Thank you for posting and sharing your insights.


I totally agree all of the modules are profound, especially the healing modules and there approaches.

For example Ares is like (Earth), it completely strips away certain aspects of yourself and then builds on top of the pre-build ground in your unconscious. Where as I Am burns through your entire unconscious and leaves only ash left-untouched. If you look at your unconscious as a stone, Ares got rid of the dust in front and makes you stand your ground in order to grow onto the stone new layers, Februus on the other hand will erode away the form and shape.

The key is to use them appropriately :slight_smile:


I have Februus
and I Am module in Khan Stage 1 in my custom

So is my stone getting dusted and anchored, eroded, and burned to Ash…

How do you see the interplay of these?

I also have Blue Skies if that effects as well


Not sure if you’ve run Khan ST1, but is ‘I Am’ similarily rough or tough to run? And you mentioned Februus. What are your thoughts on having alot of healing modules (Ares, Februus, I Am, etc etc)? I’m curious if you think it’d be better just to have a select few healing modules instead of all of them


Would adding Regeneration Core on top of Khan St 1 , I Am , Februus, Ares , and Attachment Destroyer be overkill?