Q Modules Experiences


It is better to just use the healing modules which best thematically support the overall goals of the custom.


Has anyone put Inner Circle Q in their custom? I am wondering if it is effective, especially in these current times.


I have. It’s hard to say. In combination with my other modules, I would say that people have been cooperative in helping me out. However, as social situations begin to open up, I would expect to know better.


@Azriel, that’s exactly the case, your stone (unconscious) is being burned to ash, eroded away – in this case Ares is disabling the lower emotions while this effect is happening. All of these modules interplay when you use them together, having just one I Am will completely focus on breaking down. I mean why erode things, when you’re breaking them down anyway?

For example a belief like ‘why are women never attracted to me’? Februus will make you see it in different ways, and eventually you’ll begin to see that women are attracted to you. While I Am will completely shred that belief where you don’t even think of it anymore, as a result you might end up thinking ‘women totally love me and my presence’.

Blue Skies reinforces any of the healing modules, because love is the most powerful emotion for healing. There have been many treatments using XTC to release Serotonine for PTSD, or similar fashioned deep-layered trauma’s, obviously under laboratory conditions.

Not overkill, but if you have 100 energy points and they’re spread into various different healing modalities, each one of them will take longer to manifest. Yet that’s also the case for stacking any other subliminal, ultima title or what have you. There are many ways to counteract this though, increase your energy, take more action on the scripts, etc etc.

It probably won’t be an easy ride either, stacking something like that with Sanguine Ultima will be a blessing.



@Hermit I may have to run Sanguine Ultima more often then as I hardly ever get a sense of anything from it. Then again maybe I have been too anxiety ridden and pessimistic for so long that it will take time for it to work. Probably also why I shy away from anything that says something about more positive feelings


Not being able to sense does not mean it is not working on you. Try using it one week on and one week off, and then compare weeks in terms of Tao, Happiness, Overal Peace & Acceptance with Life, Power of Speech and speaking your mind.

I’m sure it is working on you.


So they can work together in an interplay but in my case Februus may be unnecessary as is just as effective if not more efficient to go with I AM. As if my stone (unconscious) is getting ‘Ashed’ it need not be eroded as well. That makes sense, I’ll replace Februus with Ascpelion for physical healing shortly.


Well, I’d say yes but our comprehension of these modules is kind of limited. I can only speak for what I receive intuitively, and what I observe when experiencing.

I Am is so powerful that I don’t even see the need or benefits for Februus. It literally dissolves everything you think you know, Februus on the other hand just re-frames your pre-existing beliefs. They’re different approaches to healing, from my point of view I Am is one of the most effective healing modules, especially in conjunction with Blue Skies, Ares or Attachment Destroyer.


Yes agreed, you have good intuition with this thing though.
I say from my experience in what you’ve communicated and as was confirmed by SaintSoverign when you extrapolated what was in and what was not in Emperor Q during your run of it.

I have good intuition too, but its more ‘colored’ than yours lets say haha

My sense is Februs does cause a lot of reframing and questioning and whatever positive conclusions do not get obliterated by I AM It’s slower and requires more conscious intention.


Where do you see/intuit attachment destroyer at play for yourself?

I may need to modify to make room for that one as well.


Let’s see, Attachment Destroyer is really great but I’m sure it works in tandem with I Am, Ego Adsum, Ares in Ascension & probably Ascension itself. Since the use of my Custom, I can say whatever is on my mind to whoever, whenever.

I really haven’t thought ‘should I say this, should I say that’, or any other anxieties like that. My mind is completely zen, focused and dedicated, I live in the now and I say whatever I feel I need to say. Furthermore I’ve let loose of persons that do not fulfill my personal desires, such as toxic friends and what have you.

Attachment Destroyer is really straight forward and works like a hawk, it’s one of my favorite modules.


Think of it like khan total breakdown vs Regeneration because in a sense that is where both of those are found. I AM is part of Total breakdown and Februus is part of regeneration.


Attachment destroyer is really cool it basically gives you that i don’t care what others say about me or think of me vibe. It also seems to help me let go of people who have kinda like screwed me over in the past or were really harsh to me for no reason. One thing i have noticed with my 2 customs is since i started running them i have really kept to myself a lot more but haven’t felt lonely or sad because no one reaches out to me i am kind of just like ohwell their loss not mine. That could be a number of the modules working in tandem plus emperor.


First off, great insights in here from everyone. I was able to realize that I don’t need Februus at all. What’s the interplay between ARES and I AM? If the turmoil is being burned to ashes, would the purging from ARES even be necessary?


Ares disconnects you from the emotions of shame, fear, guilt- while the I am process is smashing and pouring cleansing fire on the structures, thoughts processess, and beliefs that would give rise to those in the first place

:face_with_monocle: this is my hypothesis


My good sir! :face_with_monocle: My custom is gonna be magic(k)al and I owe it to everyone here


Please post final updates when you’ve narrowed it down.


While I have not experienced the full depth of Q modules yet, I can say that my mind is already telling me about stuff related to them from the first listen. Custom is here.


This is super useful, because I am recognizing things I may have missed.
Please continue to post what your experiencing related to the modules and cores in your custom.
And I have to put natural winner in my next custom, as I’d like to remove failure from my timeline :slight_smile:


Blue Skies has had me develop guilt for killing spiders

(I feel sad love and connection as the go down the sink-this may sound funny and… it is, but I’m not kidding)

Ares quickly removes it.