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Blue had that effect on me as well, couldn’t even prune a plant. :slight_smile:

Fortunately it was pointed at nature, I still didn’t feel unconditional love for annoying people.


Blue Skies made me stare at a cockroach and let it go its way instead of killing it. Though I didn’t like killing cockroaches in the first place.

Maybe it was because of Blue Skies that my interest in animals increased. I became more fascinated with great apes (chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas) and realised that they are very much similar to us humans in many aspects (just as we are similar to them in many aspects).

But overall, I became very interested in animal social behaviour.

Same here. I still have a dislike for certain types of people.


Blue Skies has not yet built up to you unconditionally loving the quality of annoying in yourself, where you may be ‘annoying’ to yourself or others.

I’m starting to love how ‘annoying’ I am or may be, it’s just me playing my music. Some will like it, some won’t

This is making it easier to accept and love others annoying tendencies, and feel love for aspects of them deeper than annoyance. There still plenty of suckers I can’t stand-working on it :slight_smile:


That was me as a kid. My sister would call me to kill a spider and I would always find some way to take it outside. I’m still basically like that, though I’ll kill sometimes. Wonder what effect Blue Skies will have on me.


You’ll probably empathize so strongly that you become the Spider king and lead an all out war against humanity for their lack of humanity, against non humans :blush:


That would be a surprising twist. :smile:

In the end, it turned out that Blue Skies only appeared to be about love and empathy. In actuality, it’s an arachnid empowerment and preservation strategy.

“Eight legs not two!”… “Eight legs not two!”…


lmao :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


What is a good module for giving off an intimidating aura like someone you don’t want to mess with?

Just had something really interesting happen to me and it is def emperor working and maybe some of the auras i have, but i am not sure bc it happened on facebook instead of in person.

Someone on facebook got really intimidated bc i said hope your day gets better on his ex gf post bc she said she was having a shitty day, other people said stuff too but this thick headed moron chose to try to get under my skin lol. He told me to get the fuck out of here then called his ex out and i responded by saying seriously getting threatened because i said hope your day gets better lol. Then he messages me he wants to fight me and kick my ass and to tell him where to meet him then after a few messages of me saying that is a waste of my time you can keep dreaming bc it won’t happen he says im weird and blocks me lol. Oh and that i can have her which i said im good man im not looking for anything. And now she is all up in my inbox saying maybe im her type lol. I haven’t run libertine in a week so i doubt it is that but i am sure that is from one of the many modules i have or emperor alone.


You are too modest. lol


I have a feeling that the Merger of Worlds has a part to do with this. Because of the increased subconscious-conscious connection I can perceive of these things.


Khan sees right through me :slight_smile:


Yes when I first ran my sub and paid attention, I felt like I could tell what was what.
In addition to whatever results enhancements it gives, I believe this is a factor.


Paging @Fire


Lmao at this dude telling you to meet up for a fight. What is this grade school?


in my experience combination of Alpha of Alpha, Leader of Men, Lion and Dominion with Khan and Emperor as your Core


Survival Instinct might be a good one here.

Alchemist Stage 4 may help create the aura needed for the situation.

the dude prob just feels powerless so is barking a lot.


I say Invincible Presence? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Where’s an aura of repulsion when you need one.

All this sub tech to attract, now how do we get rid of people?
maybe run libertine in reverse :upside_down_face:

It sounds like an Emperor challenge, just learn the lesson and move on to level 2. :slight_smile:


Just use Spartan for that intimidating aura that no one want to mess with you.


FYI, I will probably be analyzing specific modules as part of my main journal, although I may share some big ones here. Really glad that I designed a sub that just so happens to allow for that kind of analysis—I didn’t even intentionally design the sub like that!

Here’s one such entry!