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Who has RAIKOV in his custom and could please share some results he is having with it? :heart:


I don’t feel quite like myself…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Is this module present in Mind’s Eye? just not as revised as the individual module itself


I have it since it sounded cool. RAIKOV.
My experience is that its easier to model top players, modeling gameplay, visualize and trying too do the same as them. It feels easier to learn this way. I like this model very much.:+1:


Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

Sadly I cannot comment on that because I never tried Minds Eye


I’d be interesting in seeing a match up of people’s different experiences with various manifestation/result boosters.


I am also wondering whether anyone has been able to discern results specifically to Omnidimensional. It seems like a good module to put in almost any sub, but I still wonder in what ways does the module manifest in terms of results. Perhaps it is too abstract for such an analysis.


Yeah i’m looking for info on that, merger of worlds and tyrant. And see how the manifestation techinques differ from each other.


I’m not sure, but I have it in all of my customs. Figure the attack from all angles couldn’t hurt.


Anyone get anything from Secrets of Akash?


do you actively research and consciously model those top players or simply visualize yourself as them and gain an understanding beyond your own -so to speak?


Well for a few days while i was running my emperor custom i was getting hundreds of business ideas lol


That’s cool, lol, did they stop coming or did you stop running that sub?


They come just not as often as before or i just don’t notice them i am sure they are still there but lately i have been in a funk lots of reconciliation going on


I’ve added the four following modules in my custom :


I don’t really know how they work, is dominion a Status improver?


All but DEUS are manifestation boosters but in different ways.


Ohhh ok ok, I should eventually try to see how I react to different modules :thinking: for now I have these four in my custom but I wonder if they really boost my manifestation power or I am already good at manifesting things in my life!


I feel so positive even just writing about the fact that these things have happened. SanguineU has probably helped in that regards since I ran that today, for the first time in a while.


For the people who ran

-Aura of craving
-I am

How did it goes?


What results are you experiencing with ARES?