Q Modules Requests


@DarkPhilosopher is Saint serious about the face morphing module ? or is he pulling our leg ?? not sure what to make of his comments.


Of course, he is - why should he make such an effort to prank us. Also, he already mentioned that they are going to release an equivalent to Seductress for men which will then certainly include the face morphing module


Highly looking forward to physical change modules. I want to create a Q sub consisting of ONLY physical changes.


@SubliminalUser - Yup. Same here.


@Friday i am buying that for sure :wink: When will it be released ?


Famous last words.

Well, those three aren’t in alphabetical order like the later screenshot. But Saint was busy creating that front-end so they didn’t necessarily have to be at that point. I don’t know. What would be the goal of that module? I mean, yes it’s facial morphing, but towards what? Spartan Core we know, Serum X we can guess, but facial morphing not a clue. Maybe it’s like a stacking module and supports other modules. Maybe we have core-modules, standard modules and support-modules.

But it’s also something that will get a lot of people exited and ready to get it. They would be less happy if it was a joke after all. So considering that, I would say that some form of facial morphing will find its way into the Q store.

Is it really that important? You won’t be designing your ultimate sub until you have the complete list of modules anyway. And with 100+ modules, maybe we should ask Saint to give us that list before Q-Day so we can start designing. :slight_smile:


Yes!! Maybee he can even open up the Q store front-end, just lock the checkout at the end.

Maaan that would be exciting : )


@DarkPhilosopher - my guess is that facial morphing will align with the golden ratio. Either that or a prototype of a masculine face. Golden ratio is quite objective. But masculine face could be based on a mix of objective and subjective ideas that women find attractive. Based on some surveys possibly.


I agree with you guys. Would be exciting just reading through the module list. Will end up spending loads of time relishing the content of all the Q Store Modules descriptions.


In the middle of the night, @Fire ran and added like 30 more modules. :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign - you both are RELENTLESS! Thank you!


Amazing can you maybe share what these new modules are ? i don’t mean now perhaps next week.Go and get some sleep now :wink:


Keep in mind it was the middle of the night, there may be typos. :slight_smile:

Still, even without those 30 modules, people would be happy with a module list. Something tells me people would even be happy with only the titles without any descriptions. The guessing game can be fun.


Optimised weight loss modules with different approaches and outcomes, and maybe with different Bmi starting point. Since weight loss industry is huge business it may attract new level of customers in future .


@DarkPhilosopher i appreciate that you have signed a NDA however can you give the loyal members of subliminal forum a piece of what is to come ? Perhaps hints in the form of riddles ?


Not if I want to make it to the “inner” inner circle. I’m now hovering on the “outer” inner circle. SubClub’s got layers. :slight_smile:

I love the idea of riddles though. That could be fun to do.

Or one of those strike-through puzzles. After you’ve crossed out all the names of the programs already in the normal store, the letters that are left over form the names of several Q store modules. Some you would recognize, some you would have to guess what they do.

That’s a fun idea too.


Stand up comedian module. Where you automatically learn from your favorite comedians


***************** Q Coming Soon ***********************

A tall figure stands in the dark with a knowing smile on his face his long cloak blowing in the wind. Raphael approaches…

Raphael: DarkPhilosopher come on spill the beans we want to know whats in store

DarkPhilosopher turns his head away and laughs his hair blowing in the wind. Then turns to Raphael

DarkPhilosopher “The modules will bring you joy or bring you sorrow however through the mists of sorrow you will see the joy and the happiness young Raphael”

Raphael is perplexed he looks down at the ground then looks up and his jaw drops.

DarkPhilosopher has vanished.


I have no idea what to call this genre that @blackadder has pioneered, but I’m here for it.


Ooh, I want to try one…


The sun is reflected on the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity statue. The curtains wave slightly on the breeze. Two figures stand by the open door. Another sits in meditation on a yoga mat.

Saint: Do you think he’s gonna be okay?

Fire: He’ll be fine, he’s tough.

The meditating figure stands up.

DarkPhilosopher: Told y’all we shouldn’t have shown him.

Saint: Go check on him, would you?

DarkPhilosopher walks out of the sunny office past the highly secured room filled with racks of data-crunching Q servers and into a lounge area, grabbing a smoothie on the way. He hands the smoothie to the hunched over figure sitting on the couch.

DarkPhilosopher: Feelin’ better?

Blackadder: How can you expect me to write a trailer for THIS?!

DarkPhilosopher (amused): Very carefully?

Blackadder: There are no words in the English language.

DarkPhilosopher: Fire told us we had to wait until mankind was ready. But y’all kept insisting. Now, maybe you know why we wanted to wait.

Blackadder: Well, you could have given me a taste first, not throw me into the deep end.

DarkPhilosopher: It doesn’t work like that. It’s either all or nothing. Look, maybe you should just keep it simple and do what we did.

Blackadder (hopeful): What’s that?

DarkPhilosopher: Go onto the forum and just say…