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Not sure whether its been requested already a sexual aura attraction module.


Already mentioned


Thanks for the reminder got a memory like a goldfish :slight_smile:

Stop seeking approval would be a nice addition.


I think the sexual aura experimental will be a standalone stacking module like the current Aura we have. Not a Q Store module.


Perfect assimilation of nutrients


Did you manage to make Blue Skies smoother?


wow, i just had the most fucked up experience in my life. I don’t really wanna go into detail since it’s a really really long story, and I do understand that spiritually I had to go through this experience but to make sure I learn my lesson I was wondering if someone could guide me on being able to tell the true nature and intentions of a person, without ur emotions blocking out the red flags. I think PCC can help in this to some extent but I don’t feel that’s the purpose of PCC and I need help being able to see people’s true intentions and natures, any form of help is appreciated, stack recommendations, books, articles, youtube videos, video courses or teacher recommendations etc…

PS. the reason I’m posting this here and not in questions and comments is because in line with all the external help that I will get from various resources, I want to request for a subliminal, or module in the Q store that would deal with this if it isn’t already there.

@SaintSovereign @Fire @DarkPhilosopher @AMASH @Hermit @friday @Sirchiropractixalot @raphael @blackadder @WhiteTiger I have tagged people who I feel could help me, if I haven’t tagged you please don’t feel bad, I’d genuinely appreciate ur help, I have just tagged people I see as usually active and who give out advice but really all advice is welcome no matter who it’s coming from.


I haven’t really read resources to read or understand people’s true nature and I don’t know what you lived… But the first thing I would do to understand someone is to analyse the person and pattern of the situation that happened to you, and check facts, not only from your perspective but from other people’s perspective, you need all the angle… In this particular case, I feel like your objective is to grow from that event.

How hard is it to predict someone? Understand someone? How much time are you willing to spend on it? I would suggest you ask the questions around “how can I figure this out” before jumping balls deep into something that could become obsessive.

In the end, you choose what conslusion you will keep from what happened to you and I would suggest to choose the conclusion that is better for your mental health and growth :wink:

P.s. I am writing this without knowing what happened to you. I feel like you want to learn a lesson, it is pretty hard to guide you through that with such vague instruction but I hope we’ll be able to help you choose your preferred direction.


thats true and I agree with what you have said, I guess I can expand a bit by saying I invested a lot of time into someone that seemed like a safe bet, influenced partly by my emotions I guess, and now I feel stupid for not seeing the signs and would love to avoid such a mistake in the future.


The only advice I can give is always listen to your gut and your first impression of a situation. If you think someone is manipulating you, but then you think of reasons that they’re not based on how you feel about them, you were almost certainly right in the first place.


Thanks for thinking that I can offer you some useful advice, but I’ve got nothing and I dont want to act like I know what you’re going through when I havent had a similar experience.

Neville Goddard would say “Everyone Is You Pushed Out” and that “Consciousness Is The Only Reality”. Reflect on these two statements and see if it helps you gain another perspective. cheers.


Replace “time” with “money” and “someone” with “something” and you discovered the number one quote among market traders.

I’ve noticed that sometimes even when you do everything right, you still manifest something like that in your life as a way of helping you become aware of what you don’t want so you can define and focus on what you do want. Learn what you can and move on. Use the experience it to drive you to new heights of success.

Without knowing any specifics, I’d say PCC should definitely be helpful. As would something like Alchemist to help develop and trust your intuition.

That said, I suppose you were emotional at the time, but this is not the thread for this, okay? This thread is devolving more and more away from its original purpose.


You know I’d like to see a supreme gratitude module. Gratitude is something I have a lot of conscious resistance to interestingly enough. I fully acknowledge that I can be ungrateful for a lot of things in my life, I kinda hate that. I’ve tried a conscious practice with a journal and all that, but it felt so fake and forced.


Physical realities shake things up pretty well with gratitude (for me). Get in the ocean. Or climb a mountain. Not that it’s a gratitude fest the whole time or something, but it can be like a physical reset.

And one thing thing that really does it (though I don’t recommend it) is a near-miss. When something happens to remind you how little it takes to lose all of this, that definitely fucking helps (for a little while).

Stoics recommend the intentional taking on of hardships as a constant reminder of the value of life and of the right attitude in holding life. I can get with that.

As far as prayers and/or magic spells go, that’s definitely the one I use the most. ‘Thank You’

Anyway, in short, I’d like the same module.


My motto is never judge someone by their words but by their actions. Is the guy polite to the waiter or waitress ? or does he throw his toys out of the pram the minute the waiter makes a mistake. Does he promise to meet you on time but instead is an hour late ? does this happen on a number of occasions ?. Hopefully you get the jist of what I am saying from a persons actions you get an understanding of their ideals.

I do not know the full story behind what happened so i can only guess that someone has let you down so I am being very general in my reponse.


Module to eliminate all allergies, if that’s even possible…


That just might be. A well-balanced body and mind should not have allergies. And the body knows what it needs to achieve said balance. So subliminals might be able to help your body communicate its needs with you better.

Imagine getting a craving for certain foods so your body can replenish certain minerals or vitamins in the body, or a preference for greens because the body wants to feed the mitochondria. You have no clue why, but you’re following your intuition.

On the flip-side, some things we simply weren’t meant to be consuming and/or touching, but the vast majority of us has desensitized themselves over generations. Making the allergic person the one with a bit exaggerated yet healthy reaction.

Cow’s milk, for example. Often praised for the calcium (which likely isn’t even absorbed in the body), but naturally it wasn’t meant for human consumption and doing so would lead to very sudden frequent trips to the toilet.


Yeah, I figured it could be possible. I get your point about being allergic to things we shouldn’t consume or touch, however. In my case, I’m allergic to pet hair, and as much as I love animals I have to keep my distance because of the allergies. I’ve done shots in the past to take care of this, but even those didn’t work properly (full disclosure, I wasn’t super diligent in getting them because of work conflicts).


Another idea for a module would be a “short sleeper” module. This module should allow you to require less sleep per day. Again, not sure if this would be possible.

Some people generally called “short sleepers” have a gene mutation that allows them to function perfectly with only 4-6 hours of sleep per day. I wonder if a subliminal could somehow replicate that.

This would be a great productivity module as long as it really kept you healthy vs. just making you ignore sleep deprivation symptoms.


A module for Seek The Challenge would be cool.