Q Modules Requests


While people are requesting male enhancements, I hope that module also includes repairing any damages to that man part as well, especially to the glans.


Agreed, strong PC muscle and glans strength would be good.


Not sure whether this has been mentioned Pheromone production module.


Doing what’s right no matter what. Even if it goes against your own self interest


I think it has been mentioned and I have little doubt even if it hadn’t that the Boys of the Board would have been experimenting with it.

SubClub is unlikely to write a sub that makes you do things that go against yourself. At best a sub that helps you see and choose to do what’s right.

At the risk of another off-topic discussion, ever considered the difference between what’s right and what’s just? Are they always the same?


That made me think of a module for trusting your intuition more and having the confidence to go with your gut. Probably already weaved into the scripts, but we really do have an innate tendency to know what’s good for us. It just seems conditioning gets in the way that blocks it.


Depends on the situation and the moral implications. If the laws aren’t right then it’s definitely unjust. Similarly if the laws are unjust it’s definitely not right. It really comes down to empathy


How about be in a Permanent State of High Energy and Positivity?


Ego Dissolution module

Stop Compulsive Thinking

Connecting with your inner body


Photogenic/ videogenic module

Heightened state of awareness module


Critical Thinking Module


Module to target those with neurological disorders such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism etc.

For such people, the brain does not process information in a way that allows for a full transmission of neural messages.

I strongly believe I suffer from dyspraxia


Add dysgraphia to that list, more common than people think, often times doctors will not diagnose it or misdiagnose it as dyslexia.


One which I think is especially important I am sure there are members who can relate to this. A module that covers not just self esteem but more focused on overcoming past issues. For example your parents bestow nasty beliefs upon on you that you are ugly and not good looking, you have big ears, big fore head etc. You might find it hard to look in the mirror at times. I have suffered from this in the past and this has translated into struggles my whole life. I still have remnants of this inside me that still haunt me.


@blackadder - am guessing all the modules are already made by now.


Yes I am guessing your correct I believe SC are planning a soft launch which I am looking foreward to which will be happening soon :wink:


Don’t worry, I’m sure it is part of the plan to add new modules to the Q machine :wink: and also expanding on the build method!


@WhiteTiger - SaintSovereign did say that when the Q Store is done, it will be quite a while before adding any new modules to it. And since Q Store is done and only payment and a few other matters remain for them to set it up, Q modules creation is done for now. But most probably a similar module which @blackadder wants could be there since there are over 200 modules in it.


A module to aid and assist in revision would be nice. Mind’s Eye is already very suitable for this, but maybe something that is more geared towards revision, like knowing anything is possible and making it feel natural, release of fear and doubts etc.


“a while” is pretty vague, in terme of subclub développement, we’ve been so pampered by constant improvement every couple of months, new creatives ways to build subliminal trying to make them better, faster, stronger. New subliminal every months or so…

We’re used to the feeling of everything moving so fast, but a while could mean 3-4 months (could even mean a year) , which is not that long :wink: but compared to the crazy rythme at which everything moved in the past year… It might seems slower… I still remember primal tech and primaltechV2… Until the New Dawn build experimental just launched while fire was trying to improve PrimaltechV2 and then Khan, and emperor4… All brings us to Q.

It’s been a crazy year, and I am just speaking as an observer, I can’t imagine how @SaintSovereign and @Fire are feeling right now.