Q Modules Requests


I am pretty sure this is exactly what is going on behind the scenes:

Sadly, I did not find the original version but this still does its job


@WhiteTiger - yeah. Was just wondering whether putting down Q Module requests now will serve any purpose.


Might be an idea to hold fire and see whats in the store when its released.


Yep, I am super eager to see the Q store, I don’t mind not ordering right now, but I am sooo curious Hahaha!

So when is the next movie trailer :wink:


Exhausted, lol.


I enjoyed listening to primaltech subs on my sony walkman cassette player.


They are serving a purpose. We can’t promise that they’ll be there at launch, but we’ve noted all the suggestions and are evaluating them.


I have a gut feeling tomorrow will be the launch :wink:


Well if it’s not, at least we can request a Launch Date Gut Feeling module for future cases.


Tomorrow it is


@Malkuth - we already have Gut Feeling Module. It’s called @blackadder.


Yes, he seems to have the knack.


Looks like all my predictions have been wrong so far. Perhaps a gut feelings module would help :rofl:


If so he needs to be updated from primaltech to Q… just sayin’… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Waiting to see Blackadder Terminus^3 in the Q-Store.


You’ve hit it pretty close a number of times in the past, I think.

Anyway, the trailers alone already make you more than worth the price.


Plot Twist: You were right but Saint and Fire didnt like that so they delayed


A deep relaxation module. We can put it first in the sub like that we can enter a deep relax state followed by all the other modules. In a relax state we are more receptive.

An increase suggestibility to subliminal module


As many on here are working also with hypnosis, following the relaxation theme:

A module that helps getting easier and deeper into trance would be great.


Well its a no brainer, the Q store will be up and running this week so hang in their folks