Q Modules Requests


I’m not sure if this is necessary for the objective of increasing suggestibility, because the non-superchargers already bypass the conscious mind.

But I like the idea of a deep relxation module to relax.


Falling asleep, deep relaxation, trance: all very challenging for me.


Now i’m expecting it to be here in July :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, this is likely to occur. :wink:


So sometime this week it will launch? Hopefully lol


A module to develop hands healing and magnetism


Hands healing like reiki, or just like bam my hands they healin’?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: love that


Hurry up Mr. Saint pull your socks up you got a whole queue of customers queueing outside your Q store camping outside overnight :rofl:


Closely following this. Likely won’t buy a Q sub right away, but will take a look at the store to see if my ideal physical change sub can be made out of the modules provided.


Working on it as we speak. :wink:


It’s late to be adding this, but I don’t care. It’s important to me if it’s possible.

I’d love a module to encourage me to face life and see the masks/delusions/deceptions I hide behind. I was just in a thread all about Godlike Masculinity Q, and it derailed onto how the self-help industry has sold us a lie. Well, I bought into this lie back in my 20’s and am just beginning to see it. (WTF have I been believing in?)

I own PCC, but I presume to believe it focuses on other’s lies and BS. Would I see my own?

Additionally, I’ve not used Regeneration Q since I assumed it would be healing power on overdrive (like a drill sergeant screaming for peaceful thought–not too effective, I’ve thought)

I’d welcome imput on this–without serious derailing :rofl:.


To me that sounds like coping/defense mechanisms. Either way I know that feeling all too well.

If you could rate on a scale of 1-10 how much do you feel you trust yourself?


I’m feeling and realizing self-trust has 2 levels for me.

The first, most commonly seen one is 5 on a good day, 2 on a bad day. This is my public face. This shows when I’m trying to put on my face so “you’ll like me”.

But what I’m realizing lately is a deep-seated trauma-based fear of essentially…fucking up. Finances and relationships show there since they can be quantified, and my self-trust there has been a 2 or lower, with the lower meaning “avoid at all costs”.


For what it’s worth,
I’m running Emperor and Godlike Masculinity -and I’ve been rapidly seeing clearly and growing beyond my own BS and self-deceptions. Both BS and self-deception that has me think I’m not capable, nothing’s changed or will change, doubt myself, cynicism etc… and BS/self-deception that has me content as a way of avoiding purpose, or feel like I’m further ahead than I am, or that I am ‘progressing’ towards something when I am not etc.


I see. I can tell how that would cause a lot of doubts.

What’s the worst way you could fuck up though? Sometimes having a concrete idea helps so it’s not this abstract blanket of fear. For example, for me it’s homelessness. Ending up on the streets, not given a chance at a job, and ultimately ending up dead somehow.

I’m not invalidating your fears. I understand how crippling they can be. Sometimes knowing the enemy helps though.


Hi, this is my first post here. I was reading this thread and came across the sexual aura module that is coming, and it would be something I am interested in, but already own the regular aura.

I used to play alot of strategy games, with “sliders” that modify your gameplay a bit, and this could apply to the development strategy here, which is evolutionary and easy upgrades to existing products. Seeing how Q can mimic a holograph, letting the user choose the angle.

This can apply to other subs, Say for example I want to remove all sexual elements from an existing sub, I could use some slider to do this. Not only limited to sexual aspects, but other archetypes could be amplified or dampened doing this, ex “Charisma”.

As a side angle, one could also apply a “Niche” among an archetype. How this could apply to a sexual module, would be a focus on good girls vs bad girls, slow burn vs fast burn seduction, etc.

Thanks for reading.


This general principle is SO important, not just for fear but for all kinds of issues and situations and just for general management of one’s mind.

People are literally killing themselves over abstractions. ‘What the world thinks’ ‘How society sees me’ and so on.

Those are abstractions and, from a certain perspective, they’re not even really real.

There’s not always time to get granular, it’s true. But damn does it make a big difference sometimes.

When you talk about your traumatic school experiences, you may just be talking about how your were treated by a group of ten 8-year-olds. And don’t get me wrong, it’s possible, when you’re small, to get majorly physically or emotionally fucked up by a few 8-year-olds. But, the thing is that over time those 8-year-olds grow in your mind until their name changes. Now they’re Society or The World.

Same with parents, teachers, strangers on the street. They can definitely mess us up. But they still need to be seen clearly for what they really are and for what they’re really not.

The tendency is that once we’re really hurt our really scared we, reasonably, kind of stop looking at things very closely. That’s natural. But it makes things worse, most of the time. Because, usually, the ghosts we carry with us after the event are 100 times bigger than the original realities that actually hurt us, scared us, or damaged us.


You guys made me think about my “truth”. Thank you

Back to Q module requests now :slight_smile:


I want to have a module that allows me to slow down time like this guy