Q Modules Requests


I wonder if Blackadder sometimes confuses his gut feeling with indigestion. :wink:

Almost there…


A social circle / harem / threesome builder would be good fun :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I thought of a kind of three-part Deep Healing and Exploration module combination.

Module 1: Deep Diver - To facilitate relaxing and diving deep into the mind

Module 2: Deep Armor - To protect one’s equanimity, integrity, wellbeing from the more challenging patterns, structures, memories, and ‘inhabitants’ that one discovers as one explores the deeper levels of one’s mind. Reinforce ‘ego-strength’ without sacrificing openness and curiosity.

Module 3: Deep Dissolver - To help to dissolve and release dysfunctional fixations and problematic patterns of emotion, perception, belief that one encounters in the deeper parts of the mind.


universal "almost empty "or very low density module or independent sub with instruction
" integrate and absorb what you learn from subs " it may be beneficial and supportive to any high density stack played overnight


I need a pimping and girl recruiting mod. Long story as to why :sweat_smile:


A Happy Warrior module would be great.

Enjoying struggles & powerplay, taking defeats not too seriously, being light spirited & good-humoured.


An emotional maturity model


I’m unsure if “stop self-sabotage” scripting is part of the core scripts or not, but I’d really like it to be included.


@Azriel had this in the unnamed seduction sub thread, and it’s worth keeping. I’d use it in any sub I made.


Inhibition breaker. If you have strong inhibitions that prevent you from doing the things that you have always wanted to do, and they are so strong that they prevent taking action, this would break them down and make taking action possible.


All the cores as a lite version

Emperor Lite
QL Lite
Daredevil Lite


Performance anxiety eliminator. I’m thinking of this for job interviews, but it would be great for anything that you need to keep calm and confident for.


I’m curious about all the different modules and cores. I’ve never tried a name embedded sub. I will definitely create one or more. I like the concepts. Thank you @Fire @SaintSovereign You two are helping us grow. I appreciate it.


stop self sabotage module


I think clear thinking and the manifestation of that thinking via writing would be useful. That is probably contained within Limitless, but I mean something more spot lit and laser focused.


Presence of mind module, being mindful of what you are doing. Lessen the monkey mind and unhealthy thoughts.


They say we,human, can use about 10% of our brain.! How about a or some module(s)
that would help us to use a bigger percentage of our brain.??..still fiction,or not that far away?


Ummm i think with QLQ you can over time begin to use more of your brain… i think the 10% you are referring to is the conscious mind the other 90 is the subconscious i believe… but i could very well be totally wrong on all accounts and ass backwards on this lol


That is a myth (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-people-only-use-10-percent-of-their-brains/). However, that doesn’t mean QL wouldn’t help, I’m sure it does. I’ve been noticing good results with Emperor and Stark thanks to the QL Lite module they have embedded


We use a 100% of our brain to convince ourselves that we only use 10%. It takes a lot of brains to pull that off.

In earnest, different parts of the brain serve different purposes. It all gets used, just not all at the same time. Although when you achieve hemispheric synchronization an EEG does tend to light up a lot more than usual.