Q Modules Requests


A Weight Gain Module would be really much appreciated


Seems like the fabled Serum X will address this.

I hope it includes increasing bone mass and density.


Does this Thread include requests for future Stacking Modules?


On behalf of the mods: Yes


Trust-Complete trust in yourself. Everyone trusts you.


Ability to see a situation from all (or as many) perspectives (as possible)


Sub for
singing and/playing music-being a musician-both talent, training, and success
acting-both talent, training, and success


Tulpa subliminal. Turn your own subconscious into something that you can communicate with in 3D.


Hapoy Warrior sounds nice. Reminds me of the username @HappyHero.


The Hoponopono prayer, over and over and over again through your subconscious must have a great effect.


wow… imagine that.

At some point last year, I used that prayer for about two weeks, all day, all time. Literally, all time. For everything. Until I got knocked out from intense emotional healing. I heard a lot of people had the same effects and I am wondering if it has something to do with the conscious and if subconsciously will be more effective and with less side effects.


I admit, as soon as I read it, I thought you may have something there. It would be curious to find out what that would do.

I was also taught a second one that can be very healing when done in the mirror: I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you, I love you. Four things we don’t nearly say enough to ourselves.

It’s a practice that was based on Ho’oponopono actually.

I think you can’t turn your subconscious into a thoughtform. A Tulpa would have an identity of its own rather than be a mouth piece. Although it’s not unheard of to create some tool or “crutch” in order to speak to your higher mind.

Second, much like a sub to contact spirit guides and the likes, it is quite risky because these things are influenced heavily by the state that the person is in. Too many fears or negative beliefs about it and it will manifest in a way to confirm those. Scary experience.

Still, at least as an experiment it would be interesting to see if subliminals can help amplify the ability to create them. Similar to Mind’s Eye, apX & rvX do.


Not sure if anyone has suggested it yet… but how about a module to increase subconscious processing of subliminals?

Imagine being able to listen to 8 loops of Q subs without any reconciliation/adverse effects.


@Sirchiropractixalot then after commercial break you go to shop and buy another coca cola an fabric conditioner plus many other ‘‘fantastic’’ things you will suddenly need to survive :sunglasses:


I know that other subliminal program vendors advertise that they do have such technologies. Is it true? No clue.

I assume that if it is, they already do that here at SC or working on it.


Some have called them “boosters”, and I’m unsure if they work or are just imagined effects. The idea seems attractive, but since promoters have been heavily Youtubers, it invites suspicion.


I dont quite follow…


I’ve never heard any of the higher ups talk about this so far.


I did. On three other vendors. I assume I am not allowed to share.


Yeah you’re not. When I mean higher ups I refer to saint, fire and the dude that’s always in the dark cloak.