Q Modules Requests


@Azriel - I too had asked for the male equivalent of The Seductress as soon as it had released. I would love a separate main program for that.


Yes, Griffith sub but without the need to sacrifice our inner circle to become part of the God Hand


@Azriel - Hahaha yes!


Scripting to fight cancer. It’s getting very common


Very true, @mecharc.


I see alot of physical changes suggestions and I say +1.

I wish that they create a subliminal for everything beauty.

That has everything from clear skin, jawline, hair, penis enlargement, etc… even changing eye color?

I can just hope.


Luck & Abundance
Straight Teeth
Forward Face
Jaw Alignment
Male Enhancement/Heal man part damages
Boundless Energy
Perfect Health


Extreme and comprehensive healing and/or rolling back the organism to tabula rasa + not creating new trauma, dis-ease or dysfunction from events going forward.

Full physical healing to the extent possible via subliminal influence.

Anxiety Annihilator.
Negative Voice Negator.
Automatic Reframing.
Awareness Shifting.
Seeing the details and the whole and their integration.
Improvisation Mastery.

The ability to hack and change your own operating system to take on whatever point of view that would be most useful in the moment.

It could be interesting to be able to detect the use of NLP/Psychological Manipulation/Brainwashing on oneself, be able to use it for self-betterment and to be able to use it to influence others, ideally in an ethical manner, but not to be limited by those considerations.


Best ones on here so far

Luck & Abundance
Desired Male Enhancement
Symmetrical face, Hollow cheeks, Perfect nose
Clear, perfect skin (no scars!)
Healing/physical regeneration
Overcome porn addiction

Another cool one would be improved voice tonality, projection, deepness. Owen Cook describes its importance in many of his vids, he took classes with experts to improve his, I suggest you guys go watch his older vids and compare to the new ones, just from improving his voice and now knowing how to use it better than most public speakers he’s so much more likable, the assertiveness and conviction is also night and day.


Epic confidence. Confidence going into any action you take, relaxed/comfort in your own skin, confidence in social interactions.

Ability to free associate/speak your mind in any social situation.


Center of attention


OCD Destroyer and Porn Addiction Eliminator

  • PTSD relief for veterans (may be a full program)

  • Perfect sense of location/direction.

  • Perfect situational awareness.

  • Aura of “don’t [email protected]@k with me.

  • Confidence and ability to perform in a job interview.

  • Excel at and enjoy public speaking.


Selling Mastery Q!!!


Master bargainer. Bargain till you pay 1 cent for everything at the store


@King - haha man! You don’t want the store to go bankrupt. Better to be rich and pay a good price.


Agreed. I’ve learned there is a very real reason people hated Scrooge. When someone has wealth but refuses to pay, that can reflect fear and a hoarding mindset.

It also reflects an unwillingness to give and share. This goes much deeper than money, so the disgust shown to Scrooge was well deserved.

Noone, either poor or rich, was ever happy being cheap. It’s a misconception about wealth building. Being wealthy is as much about giving as it is about receiving.

Everyone loves a good deal, granted, but making money more important than relationships with people is what I’m referring to. There’s a time for everything.

  • Silky Hair
  • Smooth Skin
  • Relaxation

  • Specific module to target productivity

  • forcing your will on the world

  • becoming a good orator

  • ending addictions

  • New Beginnings focused on sexual traumas and healing

  • slowing down the perception of time


From the QL description:

During Quantum Focus Mode, you can find yourself noticing how time has seemingly slowed down. What seemed like five minutes of studying can now seem like an hour to you, and you will somehow always have more and more time to study.


Anti Cancer Scripting