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in commercial breaks are many subliminal instructions. different type, visual, in many layers . make your self more open for subliminal informations would be litle bit brainwashing experience


Fire did sort of answer you already:

That said, the speed by which the brain processes the messages it receives is like a muscle. And like a muscle, there are ways to influence its development.

Yup, you will be very happy with the Q store’s “Results Enhancement” category indeed.

Yours truly,

The Dude


Results enhancement: I’m curious now.


Only now? Took you this long to get curious? I’m impressed. :wink:


Do you remember (roughly or exactly) how many modules are in this category?!


Full Blue Skies


In my mind there’s a difference between being too easily influenced by subliminals from media, and being able to process subs more easily. Or at least they should be.


Easy Darkie. Sarcasm has teeth.


“Darkie” :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Remember? Nope. But it’s 44 at the moment I’m writing this. Some geared toward improving your mind, some toward removing blocks preventing you from achieving better results. So it’s not all about improving your mental capacity, there’s some healing in that category as well.

Wouldn’t do anybody any good, it was written for Saint’s brain. The module in the Q store is the part that is usable.

Sorry. :dog::house:

Still better than “DP” with its multiple meanings.


Yeah. Which is why I’ve never used it.

Darkie is specific and free from that minefield.


When used strategically, it teaches me humility. So I am grateful, even though I don’t always like it.

Anyways, back to the topic…


I am sure Darkie absolutely didn’t mean me when he said that


Someone use the Time Stone and launch the Q store already…


I’m glad that the Q store is coming. I had dreams of this the day before I first joined and started using subliminals here.


What if you’ve already experienced the Q store in the future and were so amazed with the results you decided to give yourself amnesia and go back in time to re-experience the opening all over again.


But why would you ever want to start again unless you’re like “hey I should’ve swapped these 5 modules out for these other 5?”


I know its a strange idea but what about a sub that would help you quantum jump in an ideal parallel world… Where you are you but rich and with a Harem and all your desires come to fruition at the thought of it… Hahaha would be a great experience. Transurfing style.


Well, if I could bring a USB stick with me, it’s a nice way to create unlimited subs for the price of 1. :grin:


Time doesn’t exist. There is no past or future - only the present which we which manifest into 3D through our sense of awareness.

So actually if you want to go into a parallel world, all that needs changing is the ability to change focus.