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In fact I suggest everyone that does visualization/meditation to do this 10 minute exercise. Relax, go into meditative state, imagine a tunnel for quantum jumping to a parallel universe to a self that will either suggest them what their stack should be or if the stack they chose is ideal or needs modifying. Do it a second time if you like to verify its not your thoughts/mind.


Did anyone alredy request a Dance Skills Mastery Module?


Think so. Couple times at least but maybe not worded the exact same way.


Oh, how about an expert driving mod. Maybe one for flying if people partake. Some need for speed top gun vibes.


I will take a leaf out of Stephen Strange’s book in his battle against Dormmamu.


I’m working on a major subliminal that includes this. At least the music part.


I would like to see modules specific to visual arts and creative writing.

It would be great to have a module directed at improv comedy, but that might be too esoteric.

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A module to develop humour in a natural way for you.


Actually, I consider improv to be an essential life skill. Essentially great improv means you are always prepared, you can always handle anything that they throw at you. That is a skill useful in all communication and multiple areas of one’s life.

I did a course once, but I was lacking creativity when it mattered. I guess I won’t make it onto “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

As for comedy, a long time ago somebody recommended a book called Comedy Writing Secrets by Melvin Helitzer to me. It explains every type of comedy with examples and somehow every time I read it, I became more intuitive to noticing opportunities for a joke. And I started seeing the upside to everything, that was a bonus.

I guess it’s not so much a sense of humor, but rather an intuition for it that matters.

Both these things seem quite good for subs.

That’s what I think anyway.

How many old-school seduction community people are around? What if we had a Cocky Comedy module in the Q store? :slight_smile:


Perhaps i missed it in the store or maybe its work in progress. Did SC come up with a module to help overcome thinking that you look ugly ?.

There might be people who can relate to this if your a child and constantly told you useless and ugly. Even in adult hood you may face these challenges. Like not wanting to look in the mirror. It happens to me occasionally.


@DarkPhilosopher yes the cocky comedy :slight_smile: i am sure i so a charisma and flirting module which might cover this.


Maybe inner voice would help?


@mnemosyne Thanks for the suggestion will take alook


I was recommended the same book many years ago but never got to read it. I’ll definitely go back to it based on your comment. Like you said, being able to react to life situations in an intelligent and ingenious way can be an important skill to have for anyone


I want a Digital Liposuction module.


I assume that the handsomeness improver would do just that. I don’t know if physical changes are actually possible (No offense guys, I don’t know one way or the other), but in order to attempt it, the module has to change the way you think you look first.


Wife’s requests:

Fat loss by increasing resting metabolism (Normally you say take action but her ability to exercise is very limited, and she can’t be the only one)
Something to idealize the size and firmness of breasts.
Anger management.
Shyness/social anxiety destroyer
Patient parenting
Toddler tranquilizer (that’s a joke unless you can actually do it, then TAKE OUR MONEY)

Mine: Naturally start conversations
Something to help with clutter/cleaning
Natural situational awareness


Most of your wifes request are already in the store


Increase attraction to your partner

For that matter, increased attraction to average women/men. (Wait, hear me out here. I know a lot of guys doing the PUA type stuff or looking for a relationship who get nowhere because they won’t go for a woman below the 8-10 range). This could be a really good one for beginners.


Does Long Range attraction work if the specific person is in the same location, but away from us? ie other side of the club, beach etc

If not, something like that would be great. “Telepathic Attraction”