Q Modules Requests


Chakra balancer (I’m assuming that some of the modules already handle this so maybe not needed specifically)
Skin elasticity/collagen balance
Perfect vitamin/supplement absorption
Verdant green thumb - for the plant lovers


Meridian balancer too


Hmm something like the ability to unlock your mentee’s/employee’s potential. Like constant drizzle of knowledge drops that help them succeed or at least increase their absorption of the things you already do / say.

Empath shielding/protection (think this is covered but maybe not empath directed)


I never like the idea of taking away or destroying your fat cells. They are part of the body for a reason.

Instead, I would suggest a “fat release” module. In order to lose body fat, the blood triggers the fat cells to release their contents into the blood for processing. This is the slowest of all energy generating systems (which is how the fat-burning-zone myth came to exist). With that last layer of “stubborn” fat, the cells have not had to release their contents for so long it’s like they have rusted shut.

So what if we could create a sub that makes that process more efficient? It would likely have to be a Weapon X type of sub, since you don’t always want it to happen.

That, or a sub that prevents the body’s natural tendency to store it in the fat cells, but instead make the body more inclined to discard the excess.

On the other hand, you probably don’t want that. Some theories say that increased metabolism leads to a shorter lifespan (they tend to point at dogs for that one).

Also, the main force behind the metabolism is the muscles and basic functions of the body. Which is why it’s always so important to do resistance training and not just cardio.

I refer back to my suggestion above about a fat releaser.

Similar to your patient parenting suggestion, what about better communication with the toddler? A lot can be achieved by being able to hook into the “wavelength” of the average toddler. Like a Toddler Whisperer module. :slight_smile:

I’d love this. Or a natural small talk module. Everybody does it, I can’t stand it.

Good one too. Like a Zen module, helping you to create more space and clarity around you. Do more with less.

Or a Feng Shui module, that helps you to instinctively move around your furniture to align energy better in your environment.

How many here know that having a reflective surface facing your bed, like a mirror or TV, is apparently very bad for your natural energy?

This one has been asked by several people (including me). I do believe I noticed it somewhere in the store.

Actually a good one to listen to as a couple to strengthen the bond between them and prevent the relationship from becoming “stale”. It could revitalize a relationship. It doesn’t have to force anything, the sub could simply help the two realize what made them fall in love in the first place, help them see those little things about each other.

Of course, if there is room in the script, it should also drive both partners to do their best to remain the people the other one fell in love with. Rather than start gaining weight and becoming lazy because the hard part is over.

He’s back! We missed you, psychic seducer. :wink:

Add stretch marks and cellulite remover?

Love it!

Wow, this post is a lot longer than I intended…


It’s all fun and games until I stack this module with Primal Seduction, Godlike Masculinity and the 9 (yes I counted) aura enhancing modules…

edit: I made a mistake… there are 8 aura enhancing modules…


You should add the “Sexual Endurance” module.

Leave some women for the rest of us okay?

Which reminds me, how about a minor subliinal (not a module) that helps people choose the right modules for their custom Q sub? :slight_smile:


This sound like ageing slowing module.
I like to see make me younger module -normal 5 years, terminus 10, terminus squared 15yrs


I suppose. It was intended as a firming /tightening thing, but I suppose not everyone is blessed with youthful looks. Plus they could last longer into aging besides.


They could actually do a whole category of relationship strengthening modules. It would be cool if you could get both names embedded as well.


Jui[quote=“DarkPhilosopher, post:429, topic:3913”]
On the other hand, you probably don’t want that. Some theories say that increased metabolism leads to a shorter lifespan (they tend to point at dogs for that one).

Also, the main force behind the metabolism is the muscles and basic functions of the body. Which is why it’s always so important to do resistance training and not just cardio.

That is one theory, but being extremely overweight will definitely shorten your lifespan.

  • Gift of gab. Mastery of all types of conversation. Useful for seduction, general social, business.

-Public speaking mastery and enjoyment.

  • Persuasion. Useful for seduction, sales, job interviews, a lot of other things.

  • Self selling. Ability to highlight your good points in interviews, social situations, ect.

  • The evictor. For people who want to be more active or social. Gets them out of the house.

  • Storyteller. Relate stories from your or elsewhere in an impactful, funny, or compelling way.


A module categorized under healing to have forgiveness for both yourself as for others, and to unconditionally love them. Forgiveness is the most powerful emotion to clear all of your karmic debt.

If you can get to the place of acceptance, then you can get to the place of forgiveness. If you can get to the place of forgiveness, then you can get to the place of compassion. If you can have compassion for another human being in spite of what they are doing, saying and believing that is deplorable to you, then you can get to a place of unconditional love. And when you can get to the place of unconditional love, that’s when you become Source in a physical body, and that is how you complete your soul’s journey.

Once you let go of all of that anger, hate, and resentment, you no longer have to repeat circumstances to bring them up, to trigger you, to make you feel what you no longer wish to feel.


I think that is what Blue Skies is supposed to do.


That depends on whether you believe in feng shui or not. For non-believers, I doubt the module will work unless the subliminal is successful in convincing them about the efficacy of feng shui.

Nevertheless, FS is good for story-telling, and there are some practical aspects to it.


If this is the case, then it might be one of the most prominent healing modules made available by Subliminal Club.

lol! I have a money frog in the corner of my house and I can honestly say it does miracles.


Zen module sounds good. Recently I have been trying to understand the concept of mushin. (无心), which is a state of no mind.

The great iaido master Isao Machii has been able to reach that state of meditation to the extent that he can hit a speeding bullet with his sword.


That’s because you believe in it.


It works nonetheless, the belief only reinforces it’s capability to manifest. For scientific minds out there, look at the Placebo Effect, it not only works for magic pills to all of the sudden cure you by belief itself but it works with anything in life – thoughts create reality you guys.


I think the thoughts create reality principle is scientifically established.

It’s the process of how exactly to create that placebo that’s still a challenge.

Why must it be a money frog that gives you miracles? Why not a gold tortoise? Or a stone pig?

Many Chinese people don’t like to receive clocks as gifts because it is inauspicious and that the belief is so strong that it ends up taking over them while an Englishman would happily receive a clock as a gift and nothing happens to him. Why?


Magick explains it all, it is simply a matter of already established thought-forms and egregores, that make this a good ‘spell’, it’s been pre-fueled so to say.

Energies are also bound to time & space and in a sense the belief system is grown deep within the unconscious from birth on. It is more applicable to use Frankincense & Myrrh for cleansing in Europe then Sage, because of the Ancestral energies. Doesn’t mean you cannot use Sage in Europe, it’ll still work majorly.