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Ah! In that case, the source of your miracles is not the money frog , but “the already established thought-forms and egregores”. There may be some established thought-form that says the money frog is useless but the wooden pig is. Will you go buy a wooden pig to put in your house? I am sure that with the vastness of human knowledge across time and space, surely there will be millions of conflicting thought-forms.

So, what happens if Frankincense, Myrrh and Sage are logistically unavailable in Europe?


Yes, I would. If that makes sense, it’s tradition the thought-form has been build throughout the times, yet the money frog, the coins, the colors are symbols in and of themselves.

No conflicts, a symbols represents many things, it’s the intentions that you set which matters.


Agreed, it puts a lot of strain on a body. Especially “visceral” body fat, which is the non-surface fat that sits around your organs. Furthermore, it makes the blood thicker and as such harder for the heart to pump it forward. The heart not only has to pump on one end and “suck” on the other (by creating a vacuum in the chamber) in order to keep the flow, but it is also the only organ in the body that never ever gets a rest. I have a theory that if we naturally had two hearts, they would take turns, where one would stop for a bit and recover.

Another curious thing is that our lifespan apparently increases a lot by having a regular caloric deficit.

Either way, you got my point, true or not.

You and Hermit are both correct.

First, as far as Feng Shui goes, there have been scientific experiments that have indicated it works. A piece of fruit in a room with “good” energy doesn’t go bad, but dries up without rotting (lemons are sometimes used as a measurement tool for this), some rooms have people testify they sleep much more restfully compared to others, animals respond differently to different setups, even “strange” things like a candle flame being calmer in one room compared to another.

As far as the thought forms go, you are right that enough thoughts and beliefs could theoretically change the “money pig” idea. But you have to consider that we are talking not just what people believe now, but what they believe throughout time. Some words or spells as Hermit calls them (where do you think the word “spelling” comes from?) have been charged with belief and intent not just by millions of people, but by millions of people all throughout time.

Nowadays, there are not enough people to have an opposite belief to lessen the “energy” of that word or object. So the money pig may very well have been charged with intent by billions of people from eastern cultures. Our society simply isn’t interested in spending so much effort changing that energy, it merely ignores it. And so we can take advantage of all those focused beliefs and intents from the past and bring such a word or object into our house.

The above effect is quite evident if you are ever able to see into the astral plane. It is reflecting all the mental and emotional attachments we have created throughout history. Some have been made clearer throughout history by lot of generations, others (disaster sites like the Twin Towers) were created almost instantly by the combined thoughts of an entire world.

I think a Feng Shui module doesn’t have to be called such, but since SubClub does a lot to help us develop our intuition, a module that could help us develop a sense for how interior design helps us “flow” better and feel more at ease would work for many more people. We don’t have to call the module a wooden pig or a money frog, all we’d have to do is describe it in a way that sounds credible to the majority. Their own beliefs will do the rest.

Anyway, I’m going to be a bit of a hypocrite after that post and kindly ask we get back on topic now. Hermit has a thread where he loves to answer questions like that.


How often are you planning to add modules? @SaintSovereign I am interested in a hair module. I would like to order a custom fitness sub but i have one spot left specifically for this. Are we going to see this module soon? (1-2weeks) or you dont think so? Thanks


A critical thinking skills module. Thinking with clarity, concision and elegance. Ferreting out bullshit and nonsense and shutting it down quickly.


When it comes to physical changes, you and I are in the same boat. I believe Saint is working on it.


Not sure if someone requested but i would like a module to limit hunger or night cravings


A healing module that focuses on forgiveness

This could work really well with Blue Skies and enhance each other


Letting go of resentment could go along with forgiveness.

The feng shui module could be part of an all purpose master decorator or like max aesthetic sense. So not just dressing/styling, but arranging the space/flowers, plating food, cake decorating.

A chef module (le cordon bleu, sub culinary institute) for people who are amazing cooks or want to be one some day.


In that case, it would be like a Designer X or Chef X module.

There could even be a GordonRamsayQ for aspiring chefs.


I totally agree. Healing by positive emotions is so many times more potent.


i think that if the male version of the seductress sub contained a module for hair and one for skin in general (irritations, pimples, deisred body hair if someone wants more body hair or less in some areas) for the beauty part of that sub it would be a must have for all the males that want improve their appereance.


It’s fookin’ RAW!!!


Autoimmune disorder healing. It’s got to be possible to convince the immune system to chill the heck out.


You can influence the autonomic nervous system and the immune system using the wim hof method.


To add to the Forgiveness module that I requested, a script to increase compassion for those who lack the understanding to see your perception of reality.

Compassion is truly so important right now, looking at our world and the people in it, most are really just mis-guided by there programming. Going off at these people is no way to solve a problem, having compassion for them is. There are many people who do negative things unknowingly.


+1 on that one


Emotion Reciprocator, and Emotion Inverse Reciprocator, both to be used in the right situations.


Looking back at the earlier replies in this thread, it’s cool to see what made it in the Q launch.


When you realize none of your suggestions made it to the Q store :sob: