Q Modules Requests


A profound module, named Dopamine Detox to release all negative habits related to Dopamine addictions.


Thought Through Touch: A module that allows one’s thought to be transferred/amplified to another person via touch.

And before anyone thinks this is for seduction, it isn’t. Or at least not my initial intention for such a module. It’s for those bodyworkers who are paid to facilitate perfect health in their clients/patients. So when I think and imagine them as perfectly healthy, that thought will be transmitted to them when I lay my hands on them.


I wouldn’t wish to be your enemy if you use such a sub.


A manifestation module for a job search.


This could be used for evil purposes Saint may not agree what if one was to use this for Dim Mak death touch ? :slight_smile:


I never thought of that, hopefully there’s a way to only make positive thoughts be transmitted, and the negative will either disperse into the ether or rebound to the evil one.


With your touch of death, you will be a man much feared…


What if it’s a touch of life? :wink:… or lust? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if you are going to be the next Jesus after obtaining this wonderful skill of healing by touching, good for you (and bad for the doctors and nurses who will lose their jobs).

As for a touch of lust, I look forward to the day you can give someone an orgasm just by touching her.


Jesus didnt even need to touch anyone. If scripture is to be taken literally, dude raised Lazarus from the dead by simply telling him to get up lol.


Touch of life perhaps :slight_smile:


The funny thing is, Jesus actually didnt do anything in some cases. “Your faith healed you”, something to keep in mind.

What you are describing is something that happens anyway, when you have a certain intention for someone. That’s how manifesting works. I think what you are looking for is a Reiki-module. I don’t know much about reiki but it seems like modules like “Architect” or the other one for energetic systems is what you are looking for


Then that’s even better. Just be able to heal someone just by him or her being in your presence. Your wonderful aura will heal him automatically.


Intention is certainly important, but it’s not the only thing required. A lot of doctors/nurses/psychologists/occupational therapist/physios have great intentions for their patients, but their patients do not get better after many visits/treatments.


How about “hand of fire” module ? you generate heat through your hands to heal.

Perhaps call it “hand of god”


Did bionic or eagle eye make it into the modules ?. I think someone also asked for x ray vision.


You know this guy?


That will appeal to those wishing to make it rich playing poker. I still remembered reading through “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” by Roald Dahl when I was a kid and thought that it was possible to achieve X-ray vision.

It would be a good idea anyway for those wishing for superhuman powers.

Tony Stark doesn’t have any special powers. He’s still human no matter what.


Something similar will be appealing to the many kids in Asia who grew up watching kungfu dramas.


I meant “happening anyway” in the context of manifesting. If I want to manifest something, everyone who needs to be involved will get corresponding thoughts and ideas to fulfill your desire. I really think the aura/energy modules are what you are looking for