Q Modules Requests


I am all for an aura module dedicated to improve one’s healing abilities


Healing module that focuses on sex - sexual insecurities, traumas, beliefs etc.


If it’s already created, I’d think Sex & Seduction and Godlike Masculinity would contain it.


I wonder… with all the attraction modules can there be repellers too or is that covered in the attraction? Either you surround yourself with the best people (mentors, partners, whatever) for you via attraction or you could reduce the amount of unwanted attention (leeches, overly needy, etc) the other way. Sort of like banishing negative people alongside the bad energy.

Sometimes withering stares aren’t enough to get the message across. Not really top of mind, just curious. It’s mostly easy to extract yourself from situations you’d rather not be in already.



Something like this?


Maybe to stop them being there in the first place. Don’t have to remove anything if they never get close.


That would be something like Power Can Corrupt or Inner Circle, no?


I think its important to help SC come up with cool names for modules here are a few

Armour of God
Bullet Proof Monk
Hand of Jesus
Hand of the Divine
Aura of The Greek Gods
Dragons Fist


I suggest a module called:

I dont even have an idea of what it’s for. But Stormbreaker. It sounds too cool not to be a part of SC.


A module to stop self sabotaging


Let’s call it Judas Annihilator/Decimator.


Any chance for a teeth and gum health module?I have receding gums that dont seem to respond to anything.


The Godfather

This subliminal works directly on building strong and loyal friendships. Your friends will quickly become more and more loyal, supporting you even in tough situations. This includes situations where somebody talks about you negatively behind your back or confronts you directly, where your friends will take stand for you. You will find your self having friends that drop everything and come and help even when you call them at 2 am for an emergency.


A module that allows us to understand what our dreams really mean.


Imagine pairing this with Inner Circle :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I would love to have added scripting for that subject in the Intuition enhancer module.


I could see Information Releaser or Inner Voice being good modules to add scripting to for this purpose.


„ We’ve also included scripting exclusive to StarkQ, which helps you become an unrivaled prodigy in any field you desire, and create true wealth from it.“

I would love to see this as a module in the q-Store


“The Prodigal Son”… now available in the Q-store.


Is that part of the Stark Core module?