Q Modules Requests


How about a module that allows us to debate well? We can see and tear down strawman arguments, invalid assumptions, and communicate our point convincing such that our opponents are left speechless.


@Sirchiropractixalot I recall you asked for a module called arnold-x i was thinking that serum x probably does the same as arnold.


The Core modules contain EVERYTHING the big modules do, but without the support that amplifies and improves upon it. I have mentioned this and so has Saint I believe. So unless Saint corrects me, consider that your whatsoever.


This statement requires a bit of reading between the lines to really derive a clear understanding. I think I get the basic idea.

  1. A Major Program core module contains subliminal messaging supporting all of the goals and directions listed in the description of the Major Program.

  2. Even in the original, pre-Q Store programs, there already existed non-core elements similar to what we now call Results Enhancers. These elements enhanced the process, but were not essential to the stated goals of the subliminal. Those elements are now not automatically included because we now have the freedom to choose our own preferred enhancements.

That’s what I’ve concluded. Is it accurate?


Correct. In fact, many have already concluded that Deus has been pretty much part of every major sub since the start. Not to mention Limitless.

There are both results enhancer and goal enhancers (for lack of a better word). So if the core script contains seduction, it could be enhanced by adding a seduction module. If it contains social, it would be enhanced with a social module.

So it’s similar to what you do now if you create a very goal oriented sub. You take a core, add modules that have goals similar to the core to make it “stronger” and top it off with results enhancers.

That’s what the major subs do, except there it is SubClub’s choice in which modules best complement each other and to balance them so all the core’s goals are “enhanced” about equally. In the Q store, it is up to you if you want to enhance one aspect of the core more than another aspect.


Interesting and reasonable.

It also suggests that for those of us with relatively focused and conservative custom builds, the primary added value of a custom comes from the name-embedment and the possibility of Terminus or Terminus2 build strength.

Well, whatever the case may be, I believe I can report significantly enhanced efficacy from my two customs. So, time to keep pushing forwards.


I just ordered a Terminus Squared custom. I can’t wait to start running it


So, enhancers is like putting our sub on steroids. :muscle::syringe:


Arnold Q, as I suggested, is a sub purely for building muscle rapidly, as if one was taking steroids like an IFBB pro.

Serum X certainly has some similarities to it, but based on it’s description I dont think it’s at the intensity I’m expecting. Serum X T^2, however, is probably a different story.


You know you want T^3.


@Sirchiropractixalot why not get serum x with t2 ? you will be buff with a month.


Ahh, I can’t wait for my modules to come together so I can get muscle building at Terminus level :smiley:


That’s definitely a project I am undertaking down the line, just not at this point in time. My priority right now is to heal in all aspects of life, followed by supercharging my vibe to an insanely high level with a subliminal that purely focuses on the aura.

Then I am either going with a custom with serum x t^2, or one that target’s learning which includes QL + UA + Raikov + I.Q. & Cognitive Booster. Exciting times!


@SubliminalUser i am looking foreward to your results with t2 i am sure you will see muscle growth within days. Be prepared to be eating alot of good carbs and proteins :slight_smile:.


I am still conflicted on whether T2 is a good idea :-/. I’ll be going with T at the least, but I am not sure whether T2 will even work!


Epilogue - Sirchiropractixalot

Black Adder and Sirchiropractixalot walk down the road discussing sub club products.

Sirchiropractixalot “Fire the creator of human potential never responds to my questions”
Black Adder “Fire is all around us watching all the members… he responds in mysterious ways”

Sirchiropractixalot walks off into a narrow street feeling a little frustrated. Suddenly the blue skies turn to a black. Lightening flashes across the sky a fire ball flies across the sky and lands in the street. There is a huge explosion.

Sirchiropractixalot screams and covers his face “OMG what is going on”

The explosion turns into a fiery fire and out of the fire walks a tall powerful man dressed in a hood. He laughs and speaks “ahhahahah i am Fire”

Sirchiropractixalot “wow what a dramatic entry”

Fire “In answer to your question use Serum X T2” Fire laughs and then vanishes.

Sirchiropractixalot calls Black Adder

Sirchiropractixalot “Bruv you will not believe what just happened…”


@blackadder Did you see the T2 I ordered yesterday? Its listed in my Q store journal. Hopefully I will get it today and run at least two loops right away. If I get the bone conduction headphones later today I may do more.


Yes i am using T2 bruv :slight_smile: welcome to the T2 club !.


T² madness, not going to touch that one anytime soon :slight_smile:

Are you still using Terminus now that you have Terminus Squared? And have your results improved since using Terminus²?


a module based on robert greene’s 33 strategies of war, Laws of Human Nature, and 50th Law would be super awesome. maybe it can be a major sub core