Q Modules Requests


50 Law would be sick,
Stark Q and Emperor are the closest to that from what I’ve discerned so far


They can name the 33 strategies of war module into “Sun Tzu” or “Conqueror”

The Laws of Human Nature into “Darwin” from Charles Darwin or even “Freud” Module

The 50th Law into “Hustler”


guys what do you think of a subliminal to not sweat too much? during the summer it is a nightmare hahah


Probably not a good idea to mess with the bodies biological rhythms. I agree that sweating can be uncomfortable however it serves a purpose.


Bad idea. You sweat for a reason.


Exclusive to Primal Seduction is the new Supreme Rebirth module — a module so complex we considered releasing it as it’s OWN product.

from Here

@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:
Are there any plans to make Supreme Rebirth available in the Q store?


Great question!

I was wondering that myself.

Maybe they took the script of Supreme Rebirth and just added it or replaced it with the normal Rebirth scripting when they upgraded everything to Q.


Maybe not a module to stop sweating completely, but a module to stop excessive sweating even when you are not hot.


Too late…

It was that one, or “You do not touch T², T² touches you!”

What if it were possible to emulate what the advanced meditators do when they cool their body down with willpower in order withstand extreme heat? Perspiration exists to use evaporation to more more rapidly cool down the body. If the body stays cool, problem solved.

Whisper’s idea is pretty good. Some people’s bodies really go overboard.

There should always be some of it though, since it communicates pheromones as well. Which chemical antiperspirants can be harmful.

PS. "fiery fire? As opposed to… ? :wink:

In the category of physical alteration, I would love to know it were possible to make the body hair follicles go dormant while the scalp hair follicles go active. Imagine creating custom sub that helps you to get that bodybuilder’s physique combined with perfectly groomed body hair so you can that upper body on display. Or for women, never having to shave those legs again.


What module would be fitting for this picture as album art?


Damn, that’s some awesome art.

Conscious Elevator a module that’ll guide you to become more and aware and conscious of your reality. This module will expand your consciousness in ways that are totally unpredictable and accustomed to your personal reality, furthermore you’ll feel unrelenting motivation to increase your awareness through spiritual practices that resonate with your personality and belief system. It doesn’t stop there… Conscious Elevator will also guide you to any information, guides or mentors in order to do so.

Hope this one makes it into the Q-store for my 2022 God of Gods, Guru of Guru’s, Master of Masters, Supreme Being Custom Subliminal. lol.


So something like Inner Circle but more potent?


I think we won’t be hearing from you anymore as you probably would have ascended into heaven. But if possible, please appear in my dream and tell me what it is like out there.


In this world but not of it

Head in the clouds, Roots in the Earth

Nirvana Time



When I took a ten day Buddhist meditation retreat there were talks given by the teacher and the concept he most focused on in these talks was “equanimity” and being equanimous.

Fundamentally this is the ability to remain calm and composed no matter what.


This is a phrase often used by Christians.

Would rather people who have their heads in the clouds also have their bodies in the clouds.

Lots of political leaders, business leaders, academics and spiritual leaders have their heads in the clouds and don’t know what the common people are facing.


Cool, yes I believe it was used to reference to the J man

Head in the clouds, Roots in the Earth-

Is a phrase meaning one is a visionary who is grounded in reality, and can make big dreams happen in real life. It also means someone has a big picture but still attends to the details, and nuts and bolts. Or someone who has realized the divine, but sees it in the small.

Like the old Carl Jung Phrase-‘modern man can’t see God/ The Divine because he doesn’t look low enough’

Its basically saying the whole unit is online and balanced-upper and lower.


Thanks for clarifying. Indeed, those are the qualities of a real leader.

I was just thinking that a lot of leaders simply have their heads in the clouds but don’t have a good grasp of reality or pay attention to detail. That’s why the “roots on the earth” component are important too.


Would be cool to somehow work a title around the William Blake quote:

Something about Fractals and Holographic Mind

Something about continually increasing our capacity to mentally and emotionally accommodate vaster and greater breadths and depths of phenomena. (That’s the holy grail.)


Sounds like a life review to me. Most people can only achieve that when they have an NDE.