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The NDE Life-Review is the (literally) ULTIMATE life review. But people can and do carry out life review (at a humbler level) all the time. And it’s awesome. That’s one of the main, common motivations for practicing mindfulness meditation.

There are a bunch of ways to get there.

Doing an intentional life review pretty much always brings about shifts.

Actually, one of the authors your article mentioned, Kenneth Ring, has a book called Lessons From The Light. Close to the end of that book(after discussing those intense, ultimate life reviews of the near-death experience), a process is introduced that people can follow to intentionally create a life-review (without having to almost die first :slight_smile: ).


A longer tongue module would be nice.


@Mithras For what do you need a longer tongue? :sweat_smile:


I like just the vibe.

On a bit more serious note: I’m fascinated by the possibility of body mods by subliminal and hypnosis and the tongue as mostly muscle should be quite moldable/trainable.


Now I’m creeped out. Somebody stop that GIF from looping!

I figured it was for the women. :slight_smile:


As a tongue challenged individual I don’t even know where people with longer tongues even fit them.

I wish that we can eventually choose between masking tracks/music etc.


It would be funny if you started just typing this message first by default, and then only changed it to your actually intended post if it still seemed like a good idea after a couple of hours.


At least you got the joke


This is an Ultima request, but this is the closest thing to put it in. Guys, would you consider doing whatever you did with Ultima stage 3, but gearing it toward a job interview instead of sexuality?


I think it is possible. The aura component could work, instant rapport, confidence. Yeah, there’s possibilities there.


A social module that keeps the person/group we’re talking to totally engaged for as long as we want, regardless of what’s happening in the environment or if a cock blocker decides to interject.


I’ve been contemplating these modules for a long time, they’re not only highly valuable to users but also to individuals who have been stuck in a prolonged ‘depression’ caused by stuck emotions.

Healing —

  • A module to raise forgiveness and compassion so that one is able to stay detached from other people’s jargon and low vibrations. This will effectively result in a state of inner power, sense of calmness and balance of emotions as none can control you, you’ll be able to forgive them and have compassion instead. Furthermore, forgiveness will release negative emotions that are stored within the body, that storage on itself is a burden as takes up a whole lot of a persons energy. Some people keep asking themselves why they’re still bothered about past trauma’s, because they haven’t let go or forgiven the causes of whatever events that created the trauma. The solution is here now, release all past emotions by endorsing them with love, compassion and forgiveness and move on with you life with a renewed sense of purity.

  • A module to detach from Ego, which is positively affect your life and balance out Karma. Ego is only identity, life is formless, shapeless, which is many times proven through the double slit experiment. All energy are waves until observed then they become particles. Meaning that your reality is being shaped by your belief system or ‘Ego’ that which has form. All else is pureness, oneness, awareness without preconceived thoughts. To detach from ego is to detach from societal programming and become in alignment with Universal Law. The Ego is nothing but a manmade construct to keep us from evolving as it keeps us in a state of lower vibration and separation. Any excuses, limitations, self imposed ideas and concepts will dissolve into nothingness.

  • A module to detox all negative habits related to dopamine addiction. This can be used as the preliminary module to detach from negative behaviour patterns. Dopamine is also the brain chemical related to motivation and can be used to build up new constructive habits, on the flip side.

@SaintSovereign @Fire please take these modules into consideration, as they really are valuable concepts that could help a lot of people out there, including myself.


I’m sure its already being worked on, but a sales module would be great


That Ego detachment mod would be killer


What about creating a module to attract sugar mommies…:pray:


Do you think it would sell?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I tried for several minutes before posting.


I think a module that combines the two fundamental titles that deal with masculinity, Ascension and Primal, and streamlines and fully integrates the two, would be great.

Primal Ascension
Ascended Primal

I think this would also be a great full title.


A module to optimize social media for business, dating, socializing.

A module for what we say/do to exert more influence on the people we’re interacting with



An optimized and integrated combination of Ascension, Primal, Sex and Seduction, Sex Mastery, Daredevil and whatever else might further the goal of enticing and picking up women.

Focused upon the characteristics, attitudes and strategies to be the ultimate PUA.

This could also be a full major title.


I think my “Operator” concept would make for a great module.