Q Modules Requests


Ability to imagine a scene when reading a book and to live through the scenem


Eliminiate self-sabatoge.
Extreme Discipline
End all addictions hindering growth
Destroy Childhood trauma
End all fear
Unshakable Self confidence
Repair respiratory system
Remove all self guilt


Yes but I am asking for a specific module to induce this effect


People keep repeating the same thing plus some delusional requests…lol


Optimization of natural Pheromone Production

Zen Mindset und Aura


Considering New Beginnings is in the Q lineup, may we have a module where we are taught to feel deserving of such healing? This has been a source of reconciliation for me for a while, and having had that with a competitor, it makes a world of difference in daily experience.


Johnny Depp (Deep Trance Identification) module (Charisma)

Deeper Voice module

Mewing Module

For those who know nothing about mewing


Stoicism --> encompassing all the stoic virtues
Unlimited energy
Persuasion Mastery


Many good suggestions here, although some would be a bit big.

I would love eye and hair health if they are possible.

I would suggest a “perception” module. To know what I mean, check out the TV series Psych or of course Sherlock Holmes. Notice every little detail instantly and do the perfect cold read. Works on reading body language too. Such a module can be highly specific I think.

In combination with a deeper voice module, might I suggest a “Think before you speak” module? By taking more pauses and not blurting stuff out you make the impression of wisdom and people listen to what you have to say.

It’s funny, when I first started learning Qigong the teacher told me to put the tip of my tongue against the roof my mouth right behind the teeth to close the energy channel. I figured why not make that the default and have been walking around like that for years. Although it doesn’t use the same amount of force as mewing does (what a weird word), over the years in combination with fasting methods my cheeks are quite hollow (a bit like Matt Frewer on a thin day). Sometimes I kinda wish they were a bit less so. Which can be done with facersize I believe.

As for cancer, I hope I’m not starting something here when I say it is not cancer you need to change. Cancer is just a symptom, which is why pretty much anything and everything can be said to be the cause. Until people finally admit the real cause, they won’t stop it, only find better ways to eliminate it once it starts. Any subliminal dealing with the prevention of it would cause a lifestyle change for the better in most people, dunno if that can be done in a module or if you’d need at least a full single-stage.


Reverse Balding or Hair Growth


Three Alchemist-Related Module Requests

  1. Jhana (dhyana) Development module - progress in concentration meditation inevitably leads to the attainment of jhanas, or predictable stabilized configurations of deep attention. There are four main jhana states and about 8 or so total jhana states, with each successive jhana being more refined and subtle than the one before. Experienced meditators use the jhanas as signposts or markers of development.

A module to aid in accessing, strengthening, stabilizing, and navigating the jhanas would be awesome.

As a precursor to that, another module:

  1. Access Concentration module - This is the doorway to basic meditation/trance practices. Most beginning meditation instructions are designed/intended to facilitate the development of access concentration. Once you’ve developed this basic level of concentration, then you can choose in which directions you’d like to further develop, but access concentration is a basic requirement.

So, a module that facilitates development of access concentration would be great too.

  1. Charon module - Charon is the ferryman on the river Styx. The river that, in Greek Mythology, represents the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious/unconscious. In exchange for a single coin, Charon guides the soul safely across that boundary. Some ancient Greeks would place a coin in or on the mouth of the deceased, and this practice is associated with Charon.

The Charon module would help with navigating Dark Nights of the Soul those periods of transition, upheaval, disorientedness, and sometimes jeopardy that inevitably arise as one evolves and progresses in awareness, particularly awareness of deep mental processes. Integrating the unknown with the known.


Don’t know if this is already in the works, but a visualizing module. Not the skill itself, but the habit. It’s a very strong tool and I find the barrier to entry isn’t the level of ability but the consistency with using it. It’s universal for achieving what you want in life.


You mean the “Permission to Daydream” module? :wink:

Isn’t it sort of identical to a Daily Meditation kind of module? For me, visualization is done during meditation.

There’s 112 modules in the Qodex already, now if only I could figure out how they are sorted…


Where did yiu get the number 112?


If I told you that, Saint would have to kill me. :slight_smile:

Let’s call it a teaser and see if I get away with it.


Dang. Any teasers on the release date? Still May?


I vote for more of the quantum limitless content thats not included in stark to run with stark, and access concentration like malkuth said.
And skill advancement/mastery like someone said. those can all be features of a limitless module thats better to run with major programs that already have some limitless.


Do you want me dead? Have you seen what Fire looks like? He can crush me like a soda can. :slight_smile:

I think it’s not life-threatening for me to tell you that Q-Squared is on its way. And although I have lost all my faith in USPS considering they haven’t moved a single international package since the end of March while AliExpress ships all over the planet for free within weeks straight from COVID ground zero…

Sorry, bit frustrated there…

Anyways, Saint is using the time to work on the adjustments to the Q-store. As you can imagine, it’s a bit different than just clicking on “Add to cart” on a product page.

And on top of the store-part, since every Q-sub is essentially customized, there’s something going on in the back to turn your order into a neat little set of subs. What that is would take more months of QL for me to understand.

But while he works on that, taking a break to enjoy that awesome feeling of unwrapping shiny new PC components and wondering how a handful of sand can possibly cost so much, other people are working on the software.

As far as I know, the expectation is still May. And with two weeks to go, it should be doable I’d think. Unless Q runs on Windows. :wink:


@DarkPhilosopher do you know if our suggestions will even be considered for the launch of Q at this point as I imagine everyone is busy working on the whole interface?


Although I’m sure they all have mutiple skillsets, Saint chooses to work on the site/frontend and a group of coders that have forgotten what the sun looks like are working on the software.

As far as I know, Fire chose to do neither of those things. Which leaves him free to script, script and script. Although he rarely graces us with a comment as long as others are supporting the forum, he may very well be reading this thread and getting new ideas from it.

If the ideas are manifested already, or will be at launch day, I can’t say. I personally would not expect all the requests for physical changes to be present as modules yet, but you never know. I have seen some suggestions that are within the realm of possibilities right now though.