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Guys, do you think it’s possible to create a sub for perfect health? Because yes i love subliminals like SM, emperor i like money, sex, power, i’d like to buy a subliminal for beauty and idk other things, but all these subs become useless if tomorrow i wake up and i have cancer or big problems in liver or kidneys. So something that tells the body to generate stem cells if some part of the body is damaged (for example lungs if someone smoke or if someone has kidney failure) or to find the cancer in the body and destroy it could be the best subliminal ever.


While I have no experience creating subliminals, I know for a fact that the physical body is a 100% reflection of the soul. So I think it’s possible to create a sub for perfect health.


Primal Seduction is basically a PUA product you might want to look at this one.


Already running it.


The microscope. It would help us to notice the small incremental improvements we are making on a day to day basis and to feel as good about them as we do about the big obvious ones. I would call this a result enhancement module. It would combat the “this sub isn’t doing anything” feeling which might help people to stay on a sub for a decent amount of time instead of quitting or switching.


Great idea, especially when paired with The Naturalizer.


This would pair well with Male Enhancement :rofl:


I think Emperor Fitness is your answer.


is it so powerful about the health part?


Are they going to make modules like Pwnie21 suggested. Luck , find money , perfect timing , quick money , right time and place, people pay your way sex related Gigolo money money winning luck intuition money luck?


How about a module to be played in between subs so that our subconscious mind still has the capacity to accept the script? Maybe 15mins in duration?

  • Rapport: Gives you the ability to form a very deep connection with one person you are talking to extremely quickly. The end goal would be to leave them fascinated with you. It would make you able to have those conversations where you both seem to be alone in a different world, and the other person remembers it for a long time. This could be useful with seduction (obviously) and also for sales, networking, or any social goals you might have. You might want to make a version with the sexuality amped up, and one for more general purposes.

  • Telepathy: (not really) Brings fourth your innate ability to subconsciously read body language, micro expressions, and all the other cues to allow us to get a clue about what someone we are interacting with is thinking and feeling. We all have the ability, but a lot of us who are “in our heads” need some help bringing it to the forefront where it’s useful.

  • IOI Radar: Makes people aware of the interest they receive from running all of these attraction programs. It’s kind of an offshoot of my last suggestion, but it would give the user a very clear impression of which people in any given room are attracted to them based on all of those subtle cues. It would help with deciding who to and who not to approach, and it would generally increase one’s sense of their own attractiveness to know every time someone has initial interest.
    I think that a lot of the problems people can have on attraction programs is that they don’t notice the results they’re getting, and sometimes even (I’m talking to me here) talk themselves out of believing it.


Ovarian Lottery: Makes you believe that you were born in the right time, right place and to the right parents. That things have been going so well for you in your life and will go continue to go well because you are so lucky to have received the ovarian lottery.

All members: PLEASE READ

That name … lol


On a separate note: I never thought I could ever view things this way. Perhaps this is reframing at work.


Just a straight physical healing module,
physical injuries, new injuries, overall health, old, chronic or unnecessary pain remover,
optimizes healing speed and recover. Some of this is in Survival instinct, Emperor Fitness, and Serum X
but a module specifically for this.


Why not either take a 15 minute break between subs or just make a diy silent “filler” sub? There was another thread discussing the ways how one can make one.


Atman seems like it should be under emotional healing and result enhancement


I vote for this one too.


To use an analogy, that’s like waiting for a puddle of water to evaporate. I’m looking for a mop to clean it up.