Q Modules Requests


Nothing is too big to achieve for Sub Club…

  • I’m going to bet that this has been mentioned before, but Testosterone maximizer would be great. If possible it would also minimize the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen.


EF ST1 optimizes your body’s hormones in general. That is ideal since it orchestrates hormones as a whole.



All subs give that ‘new sub high’ every time you run it.

In reference to the below


SaintSovereignCo-Founder, Subliminal Club


Don’t chase the high. Like @Malkuth said, when you first run a sub, you’ll sometimes feel on top of the world, then as the subliminal scripting becomes normalized, you won’t feel those acute effects. That does not mean the sub isn’t working. A lot of people make the mistake of quitting at this point. Keep going.

The Ultima Core has a lot of “feel good” scripting in regards to productivity and taking action, hence why it comes back.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire
This may help further improve subliminals even more, check it out.


Ultimate Writer+Alpha programming/Ascension= Hemingway Q


Would A Ultimate Chess Mind module work well?

Imagine being able to analyse moves at incredible speed, memorize all openers and then possible new ones, figure out any strategy to win or get to stalemate

Could call it : Grand Master or something :smile:


KasparovQ. DeepBlueQ.


I’d like to see a module for visual artists.



Chess with 1000000+ rating where you can beat alpha zero and all chess engines easily.


Submodal Alpha may be useful for this


Hi Saint, is this coming soon?

Looks like something that can be stacked with the E:HOM?


A tactician module would be cool like mastermind but more narrow focused to just strategy and tactics which could be used in many things like games or in life.


Something like this would be a good ultima title.


Yes, we saw your support message. We’re taking it under consideration.


Wonder if there’s something like this, but I’m not aware of it. A lot of these modules encourage success and movement forward. Is there something like a safety net module?

Imagine just going for things and not having that fear of “what if everything falls apart?” We all know people stick to safety to an unhealthy degree at times. Comfort zone and all that. What if instead of pushing past it and facing fears we increase the amount of safety you feel? Knowing even if things fall apart you’ll be alright, nothing bad will happen. I’d think people would be more likely to go after their dreams and live in alignment if they subconsciously knew that they were safe.

Just thinking of preliminary stuff you can address that are barriers to action. Because sometimes the action can’t even be taken because of the block. Sometimes it’s not one particular thing, but rather an over aroused mind that’s stuck in fight or flight.

I feel like I wrote that like one of the Q module descriptions lol. Completely unintended, that’s just how it came out.

  • BJJ / Grappling

  • Long term focus. Helps keep your mind on a goal you have set for yourself. Helps you prevent yourself from switching goals or becoming distracted.

  • Healthy eating. I’m sure that this is in some of the fitness cores, but I’d like to see it on its own. Switches cravings for junk to nutritious food.

  • Fat loss. Just plain fat loss.


Vitality on Demand:

A life force booster that assists one in boosting, cultivating and transmuting their life force energy at will to achieve certain mental and/or vibrational states and goals. The more exposure to the module, the more these effects become compounded.

This could also naturally increase and accelerate the energy flow within the user’s physical and energetic systems, while also purifying and fortifying them.


Repost of that because I find perfect