Q Modules Requests


I would love to see a „Universal Laws“ module.
Very needed!


Here’s a better depiction, perhaps it’s even appropriate to make an entire Title out of, rather then just a module.

Everything really boils down to the Seven hermetic principles though.


How would one make a module out of these principles? Like what would the module do specifically?


Module for sudden wealth.


That module would be all about alignment. Dynamic alignment with the principles of nature. It could be called 無為 or Synchronicity Wave Rider.

To move, create, and respond in harmony with the rhythms, seasons, and shifting conditions of existence.

Every goal, every act, every insight and intention would be optimally aligned for effectiveness, for balance, for health and integrity.


We are meant to live by the laws. And the subliminal would do exactly that helping us to do so


In depth reasoning and critical thinking.
Priority evaluation


What I love to have as modules are:

•Critical Thinking - Argumentation Mastery.
•Sales Mastery.
•Rock Star Attitude (Alcohol and Heroin free please :joy::joy:)
•Public Speaking. (Im thinking charismatic, great improv and story telling skills)


Honestly I said this as a funny after thought but the more I think about it
the cooler it would be.

A badass Alpha writer/artist who lives and creates adventures, wealth, and romance as a side effect of his path

  1. Courage
  2. ‘Grace under Pressure’
  3. Masculinity
  4. Excellence and impeccability
  5. Purpose
  6. Fans
  7. Fame
  8. Deals
  9. ‘product’ Sales
  10. ultimate artist lite
  11. ultimate writer
  12. Courage and daring
  13. risk taking
  14. Seeking and enjoying challenge and adventure.


I would love a title like this. (assuming this principles are not a big part of Alchemist)
Maybe make a poll and if the votes go up enough there be be a push for it.


Multi tasking under chaotic and stressful conditions. Something that would allow you to keep track of everything going on while doing multiple fairly complex and dangerous things.




A module with the sole intention to raise your frequency as high as possible



What about an Ultima title for a job interview…


Ultimat(e) Job Interviewee?

  • 800 on Ultimate interview Ultima. That would be a great module for Q as well. I’d buy both. Hell, if you wanted to do a main core that helped with the entire job search process, I’d pick that up too.


TBH, I’d rather wish for a module that lets me skip the entire interview process and be hired directly by the company.

I’m sure there are people in this world who have been that lucky to be exempted from job interviews.

The Capitalist King

Ultimate Auto Hired module xD

“Ever wanted a job out of no where?, no you can! Ultimate Auto Hired will get you any job you want instantly. Staff will treat you like one of their own and you will knock them dandy with your presence…even if they don’t even know you!”


It is said that on many occasions, employers have already decided which of the candidates they want to hire even before the interview. The interview is just a mere formality as well as a chance for the employers to make sure the candidate is what he appears to be on his CV.


A module for helping you acquire new languages and especially helping you speak in that language