Q Modules Requests


That depends on what field you’re in or trying to get into. With mine the make it or break it step is a very competitive formal panel interview. It’s nerve wracking and you really have to stand out, usually over a lot of other qualified people. The good news is that if you do that you can jump ahead of people with much more experience ect. The bad news is that it’s tough to do. An Ultima that gave me an edge on that would be a godsend.


The interview is to see if the applicant is the kind of person they’d be okay spending their lunch with. Since it costs time and money to interview people, they will select only those that already meet the qualifications on paper (keep that in mind if you think you don’t meet their specs). During the interview they may spend some time to see if you told the truth on the CV/resume, but primarily they are looking for that “click”, that rapport.

So it would seem like a very good one for an Ultima title to me. Giving you a temporary boost of confidence (like “power poses” do), making you feel relaxed, social and alert.

With that, who cares that there is an interview if they hire you on the spot (or call you on your way home).

Just make sure you can really do the job, otherwise both parties are in for a surprise once you start working…

And before anybody else says this: yes, you would avoid an interview if you become your own boss. But that is not the point here. A job interview Ultima would still likely be wildly desirable. Plus, the entrepreneur does need to do intakes and networking interviews with clients.


You still have to go through the process / motions legally otherwise the company can be liable. A lot of positions that go to internal candidates get posted externally as well but the interview process must be comparable.

If a person is already in the role internally, but in another area they might not need to do every step. (I’m thinking cases and some code interviews if recent enough) They will definitely have to do behavioral/ job fit roles and anything else they don’t have proof of.

Even if you get a role crafted for you you still have to walk over the finish line.


That’s the way it went when I hired my EA, I didn’t even bother calling her references. Great impression on paper, the “interview” felt more like meeting a potential friend for coffee just to see if we clicked, as I’d probably have hired her just based on her application otherwise. Results? Even better after nearly a year working with her. I hired her as an assistant but am training her to take over operations of the whole company… my own Pepper Potts, minus the romantic angle of course.


I’d love to see a version of Instant Seducing Tactician designed for business deals… same concept, but for helping with business interactions. An invisible business mentor, silently whispering helpful advice in your ear at each step.


I’m wondering if Libertine Ultima could help with a little bit of that.


This would be super useful, Medici from both what I’ve read and experienced
seems to have something akin to this.

@WhiteTiger was reevaluating his beer sales to his roommates to maximize profits and minimize collateral after a couple runs

But if this were a new module-I vote it should be called

Business Seduction :smirk:



As I understand it, Libertine doesn’t offer insight or advice the way the Instant Seducing Tactician module supposedly does. It’s the info & insights I’m looking for.

Or did I miss something?


You’re right. I see what you are looking for.

By the way, when the Q-Store opened, I vaguely recall that Instant Seducting Tactician was also categorized as a wealth subliminal and I think I did ask a question about it.


A Swimming module please. No I can’t swim :upside_down_face: and I’ve tried to take lessons multiple times. I definitely have a fear of swimming I need to get over. Would be a great compliment to a custom with Survival Instinct.


try to float on your back, or tuck your knees and doggy paddle in a Jacuzzi, that’s how I finally learned :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • something about the hot water and bubbles seemed to ease fear.


I may have to try that out. You have a jacuzzi I can borrow? :grin:


That’s strange unless the creators originally had it planned to be an omni-dimensional seduction module, but I doubt it. Sexual seduction is only one type of seduction.


Reminds me perhaps I should also ask for a driving module.

I have a driving licence but have not driven a car ever since I got into a vehicle accident many yeara ago.

Haven’t been swimming for 15 years I think.

Would be good to have a subliminal that can make one a good a swimmer, driver and pilot…


I think there should be a subliminal or atleast a module like mastermind but for tactics and strategies. It could be based off the minds of brilliant strategists like Cao Cao, Nobunaga Oda, Odysseus, Sun tzu, Alexander the Great, and plenty others. Their strategies and tactics changed the battles they participated in and nations they lead by a huge amount. Alexander and Nobunaga were excellent with tactics that really used key plans to change battles and were usually out numbered and managed to win. Like the Battle of Okehazama where Nobunaga decisively defeated the Imagawa through sheer tactics against overwhelming numbers almost 10 to 1. Also other great leaders especially of the sengoku period like The Tiger of Kai or The Dragon of Echigo.


Would also like to request for a module that allows one to be an expert in story-telling/narrative. Or it could be built into the Public Speaking subliminal that is being requested.

Narrative is a powerful rhetorical tool that can help one communicate ideas and influence people.

Someone who is an expert on this will be Joseph Goebbels, though I am sure there are some other less shady examples.


You probably could have learnt quickly in a Japanese onsen. No bubbles though…


What about a module or a complete sub for kids like from age 10?
Nothing hectic but something just to remove fear anxieties etc


I was wondering the same. There is this artificial self imposed limit subliminal producers have put of not doing kids subs. While… I don’t know, most kids sleep with lullabies or some music and if you can embed positive suggestions what would be the arm?


Hmm I have a more brilliant idea than yours…