Q Modules Requests


I’ve got a daughter arriving in about 2 weeks, we’re already going to be doing everything we can for her (mostly organic food, Montessori principles for her toys, room setup, education, etc). I’d love to have subliminals for her too, though I imagine they wouldn’t be viable until after she was talking and maybe not even for a few years after that until her brain is more developed. I have to believe that the 18 cutoff is purely for legality/liability concerns rather than any practical limitation… after all, look at all of the educational stuff geared towards babies (Baby Einstein, for example). How effective those are is another topic, but I do think there might be a good market for it.

Can you imagine a child growing up with Stark or QL playing daily??


Obviously there are many modules for emotional healing but lets go beyond that and one that focuses on developing the characteristics or traits in becoming mentally and emotionally mature?
Unless of course this is an aspect of Steadfast


Since we’re on the subject of kids, TODDLER TRANQUALIZER ULTIMA!!! :smile:


Lmao you know they make melatonin for kids right?


Yes, yes I do.


Would it be possible to possible to make a module aimed at manifesting a specific target? I.E. Your ideal job, lover, ect. Most will know that that isn’t an original idea, but it seems to me that you might be able to include it as part of a custom rather than its own program.


I am thinking that it might be somewhat possible to have it embedded with your name and the name of your ideal lover/ideal company/ideal job position…


That might work too, but I’m thinking more like it attracts what you’re subconscious and or the universe thinks is ideal.


So… Rehoboam? :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A “think outside the box” module
Like make you believe or imagine what seems impossible in an invention/creation/intelligence way


I love it… Guaranteed to make you believe as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast! :rofl:


A critical or rational thinking module


Any idea of the timeframe for the hair module? Could use it and holding on my next custom just for that!


@jstation I’d recommend starting your custom now and adding in the hair module later. I waited quite a while before their first module update only to find out that they’ve been too busy to advance
the hair module experiment.


A module for minimalism.



Ultimate Writer enhances your ability to create amazing works of literature, including fiction, nonfiction, marketing / sales copy, research reports and more. With Ultimate Writer, you’ll be able to craft compelling characters and dialogue that will leave your readers both in awe and craving more. It’s designed to help you generate amazing plots based on your life experiences, as well as the observations you see in society as a whole. Last, but certainly not least, it’ll improve your prose, word choice and ability to convey complex ideas in your writing.


Yes, but it’s something we won’t do. Ideal job, yes. Manifesting specific target? Nah. Unless it’s like, “I want a brunette with [x] features.”


Not sure if this is fulfilled by Long Range Seduction or The Spotlight, but maybe a module dedicated to online dating?


I’m a bit confused as to what you thought was implied by “target.” Hopefully not talking about hitman-related duties :-). The request sounds like something along the lines of specific person (SP) manifestations.


As in targeted at a specific person? No, Of course not. I mean meant to find the most ideal person or thing that fits the description. IE ideal job, ideal friends with benefits, ideal redheaded sexual partner with a third nipple, ect. And attract them into your life.