Q Modules Requests


Yeah, we’re definitely open to doing this.


This is something I would definitely include in my custom dedicated to finding the right people in life.


Isn’t that what inner circle and Transcendental Connection do for the most part?


A well needed module would be the fat burner that was included in emperor unless that is already scripted into serum X.


Sort of, but I’m talking about something more narrowly focused that could be added to a custom. It’s not limited to people. They could do, manifest your ideal Job, home, car, vacation, or anything else.


Well, I WAS thinking about designing a professional enhancement custom…


@SaintSovereign will there be Ultimate Artist Ultima?


I think he mentioned something similar you would run an hour or 2 before writing or anything related to such that would help.


So it’s already Ultima?


No he mentioned it was an idea or in the works, could be a surprise for september or october who knows lol


A little confused as to how it doesn’t become a general manifestation module.


That would be great too, but a module that aims it for something specific would just let your subconscious do the work behind the scenes and eliminate a lot of the pitfalls that can get in the way when doing manifestation consciously.


Isn’t this already an existing module? Mind’s Eye Q Core, perhaps?


That seems to be pretty good for general manifestation. What I’m talking about kind of puts the process on autopilot. Matter of fact, the less you think about it the better.


If this is in Khan, a module that helps us learn how to manage a harem of women.


I was listening to something about Milton Erickson and his amazing power to read people’s body language.

I would like to see a module devoted to cultivating the qualities of attention that lead to effective reading of body language.



I wish they’d release the nutrition part of the Emperor Fitness script as a Q-store module. So hereby my suggestion for the upcoming Module Pack.

A module allowing you to easily and intuitively know how much and what you need to eat for optimal functionality, sounds pretty good!

From what it seems, the healing part of Quantum Fitness is already covered in Asclepius. The nutrition part is well-worth an individual module as well. Eating healthy is one of the most important benefactors for your energy levels, what you put in is what you put out.

Thank you for taking this into consideration! @Fire, @SaintSovereign


I would definitely find this one useful.


Yeah, Emperor Fitness St1 has always had great effects on me regarding nutrition and taking care of myself :grin: would be a great module!


That’s two for two, I was just about to respond with that. This is exactly what Minds Eye’s manifestation scripting was originally intended for.