Q Modules Requests


That’s a great idea @Hermit. I’d like to see something along those lines that also included dissolving/eliminating the craving for junk food.


Well, the code is in there somewhere, it’s having a hard time overcoming my cravings though, but there’s been a gentle shift towards better food since I started listening to SubClub stuff, more notably with Khan and eFit.


All I have to say is be a man of action !!

An action man !! treat the sub as a shiny piece of jewellery in your arsenal.

Was DarkPhilosopher a talented writer before he came across subs ? the answer is yes. He constantly challenged himself by reading lots of books and ingraining the various writing styles and techniques used by some of the greatest authors out there. In other words he is an action man not a masturbater.


Now very self-conscious, DarkPhilosopher closes and puts away the erotic fiction book he was holding with one hand…


That cracked me up so hard :joy:


Pun intended?? :rofl:


I would like to see all 8 cognitive functions in separate Q modules - enhancers.
and I definitely would grab Se - extroverted sensing for myself.
I think Ti ,Te, Ne- is covered with Beyond limitless.
Ni - is already available in modules

which one would you like for yourself?


@dragonborn I believe the IQ and Cognitive Booster is what you’re looking for. Because SubClub Subliminals are polymorphic it is going to adapt to your needs.


I already have it in my second customQ for wealth.
Just I would be very pleased to see more moduls like Ni-intuition enhancer module which is also one of my shadow cognitive function :wink:


introverted Intution? Carl Jung’s dominant function.

I’d go to Alchemist. Also Information Releaser.

Those are two that immediately come to mind.

And remember that modules would have cross-fertilization effects. Combine any of the intution-rich modules (e.g., Stark, Quantum Limitless, Intuition Enhancer, most of the spiritual titles)with any of the modules related to inner processing or self-knowledge (also many of the spiritual titles), set your intention, and voila.


A module for public speaking/presenting. Ultimate Speaker.



Orginization. This could be a series of modules or just one. I’d like to see something that compels you to clean and organize your physical living, work, and vehicle space. Also a financial organization and budgeting module, and one for other conceptual organization such as tracking projects.

  • Multitasking mastery. Allows you to keep all the balls in the air in complex and fast paced situations.


A module aimed at dissolving/eradicating judgement, both judgement of yourself as of others.

Not sure whether it is already present in Ares, but with Multidimensional, who knows what’s possible? Initially I do not believe so, Ares preliminary focus seems to be upon destroying Fear, Guilt, Shame.

Anyhow Judgement is something that polarizes your self in regards to others. Moreover, it decreases your personal frequency, especially when in judgement of yourself. Adding script to remove pre-conceived notions of your-self and others would greatly enhance this module, as it links in perfectly with Judgement Eradication itself.


Would love that


Sports fans would love this. A module that helps you observe, analyze and think about strategies and tactics for matches, be it football, basketball, cricket, baseball, rugby etc. The subliminal will allow the user to see patterns across various matches, improve his memory of previous match scores, understand the potential of specific players as well as assess the probability of a team winning a match.


Module for a positive encounter with extra terrestrials.

I’m sure listening to this at night would probably give you dreams about UFO’s.

Maybe listening to it over time will get you a real encounter.

This is definitely an “out there” request but it’s one I’d be interested in.


Not sure if it was already presented, but The Executive as a module would be pretty cool to just boost those exec. function :sunglasses:


Contact will be made sooner than one might think :slight_smile:

Like the idea and also would love to see something about channeling, actually everything going in the direction of physic abilities and regaining our full consciousness and power.


Yeah exactly, the scripting of Khan St3 that pushes you to action would be pretty cool as an extra module.


Yup, I’ll agree that some Subs push you more than other… or lets say they are equipped to make you move. Khan makes you move…!

The Executive is what you need to “build”, go to the gym when you don’t feel like it, stick to your diet, cut out some friends, drugs or whatever. Sit in front of your computer and work when you are tired… you just did work 8 hours and you want to crush an extra 4 hours of productivity! It’s all of that!