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Confront your fears

is a big one too


You mean like more proactive fear confronting than Ares?


Executive shall help you to confront your fears. Often you just need the reference experience to let it go


I agree. I just saw the close encounters of the fifth kind doc and Steven Greer definitely seems to think meditation and mind play a huge role in experiencing contact. So it would seem subliminals can help with this.


Prefrontal function (a.k.a. Executive functionning) is what makes us different from animals.


this is called courage, Steadfast and Limit Destroyer both increase courage.
I’ve experienced it personally.


I’m 99% sure this is productivity unleashed. Productivity unleashed works through increasing executive function.

some of us :wink:


Hmmm, crap, I don’t have productivity unleashed in my custom :sob::sob:


Don’t worry about it. Wait for Executive.


Yeah, I’m just so eager to push my discipline a little bit more.

I’ve been studying like crazy since end of july, working out 6 times a week, lost a couple of % BF and built muscle, went on a couple of dates started finding cool people to work with and keep connection. Now I’ve been in a slump for the past week in terms of discipline and kinda looking for the magic pill to get back on the grind…

The fall off all started with insomnia!


Are you practicing NF/SR? That could help a little bit.


The fact that I don’t know those abbreviation means I probably don’t do it :joy:


He means nofap/semen retention


Nah, I usually don’t masturbate often, my sex drive has been low this week. But I hooked up with a cheerleader last friday


That’s an interesting choice. What are you results?


Something similar to https://q.subliminalclub.com/product/transcendental-connection/ If it doesn’t already deal with looks influencing the potential of a friendship.


The Madonna-Whore Complex is another relevant concept that TrCoQ could/does work on removing unnecessary coupling of biological instincts blocking potential.




I would like to bump this post of mine, since i have seen some posts about it recently and new module pack… Maybe a synthesis of Transcendental connection + love without attachment + detachment from looks. Removing romanticism and obsolete biological programming. One thing that would help alot of people is to just forget something, by getting something easily… If that makes sense, as well as enjoying it, since one is does (should) not attach self esteem to these things.


I should be more specific, I’m stacking Survival Instinct so I’m noticing something new
from what I see as the steadfast model in it.
It seems to slow things down in tense situations of any kind, I become like the eye of the storm.
If the situation is remotely dangerous, I simply remove myself from it fearlessly, but if it’s simply tense and not dangerous, I become present to my fear, and it feels light and subdued and I find I have a strong consciousness/cognition and can act with choice any way, whether this is saying something to a woman, a work task I’ve been avoiding out of concern etc. This is distinct that an Emperor confidence of simply doing something without thinking, cause I’m confident too.


A module for being more grounded and centered. Also something specifically for reducing anxiety.


  • Conversation starter. Allows you to think of that first thing to say to anyone they want to speak to that results in an ongoing and hopefully interesting conversation. This could be useful for seduction, networking, making friends, and times when you’re bored and want to talk to someone.


I was joking to Azriel about a module that Saint used for his interior decorating. Afterwards I thought it would be really neat to have such a module. A module that helps you discover a sense of style, useful for things like interior decorating (picking colors and knowing how to give furniture a place), but also the ability to choose and match the right clothes or hairstyle that fits your body type.