Q Modules Requests


How about something for allergies / intolerance or the breath/ lungs? though I guess Asclepius is healing.


Something to develop algorithmic thinking, critical thinking and problem solving



Upcoming Fear module will open up your full physical potential. Adrenaline sensitization will put your body in peak physical aerobic conditioning, it is up to you to control it and remember ACTION.

Don’t @ me, until you solve the Ethiopian water crisis.


there should be some subs, module or something called Pharaoh would be cool
i don’t know what it would do yet lol


One to help with self awareness.


Some sort of frame control for your thoughts. All the time I find myself thinking of something, and someone walks into the room (biggest one) and my thoughts take a dive bomb, some sort of survival/social override i guess.

Frame control is frequently used to not let another person control your reality, but you are still thinking of them. When I redirect my thoughts back to what I was thinking of, I lose any flow state and it takes too much energy to continue the previous line of thinking, since half of my brain is now out of sync, and alot of profound thinking comes from the alignment of brain regions.

This isn’t limited to thoughts, but simply not being affected spiritually and emotionally. Not sure if this is associated with any modules, atm. I imagine to point into a brain stuff, sympathetic adn limbic activation. The cognitive stuff is hippocampus being inturrupted to more salient “survival” stuff like social/emotional cues.

I don’t think so, I am not talking about trauma stuff, just normal attention span stuff. I suppose I would like more social disconnectedness, since I already pretend to act like that.

Maybe something inside survival instinct will handle that now that I think of it.


Just wanted to flesh out what the end results would be, the feeling of “isolation” while listening to music would be really good for internal/intellectual productivity, without needing to listen to music.


Isn’t that what Rebirth does?


laconic/brevity speech + Humor/laughter.

the Stoics thought the best indication of an individual’s philosophy was not what a person said, but how a person behaved


ultimate designer (to help with fashion design, game design, graphic design)
systemic thinker (allow you to see the systems in you life and use them to you advantege)
ultimate animator
ultimate programmer


Ultimate Teacher



I wonder how much “Iron Frame” addresses this?


That probably helps a LOT. Definitely putting it into my next custom.


Idk, I know the description says it is the best frame control available, I agree with that to some extent, if it is in primal. My impression is iron frame will give you the best possible decision (not be influenced from outside frame). I was still being influenced someone else’s actions, and this only points to a state of superficial adaptability, not mental iron frame.

This of course only matters if you even care about being affected mentally by another person, well adapted individuals could probably care less. My current solution/theory is to solidify my thought process in some spiritual / intellectual way, as well as the use of mental toughness subs. Use of subterfuge and security through obfuscation is the easiest way to deal with superficial interactions, but will fall through with more intelligent people.

The sub that would come closest is using inner circle and gathering people that have the same values and behavior, and using them as your source of physical self esteem. This is from my conclusion that one must outsource some individuality, so you become more resilient to random encounters.


@user9437773791397760 I would recommend a combination of people-finding and people-handling in a custom. This concept captures it.


Grounded, grounding, groundedness.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I just had a thought about guidance modules.

  1. Is it possible to create a module that fills in the blanks with the necessary steps to get the person to where that person wants to go? This would be goal dependent. In other words, what’s missing to help that person get to where that person wants to get in life.

  2. Is it possible to create a module to answer a more generic and goal independent question such as “what’s missing in my life”?


Emotional expression + intuition: make it easier to shift from the cerebral and bring feelings to the surface


Still hoping for a visual artist’s module.



If any one ever wonders if @SaintSovereign and @Fire are paying attention to what people are requesting look at this post:

and then look at this module in the Q store:

“Eye of the Storm”


Ha! Called it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: