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did you call it-or did you influence it-make it happen? :thinking:

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@blackice I was wondering why the way finder module sounds familiar!

This seems to confirm that this thread gets looked at when new modules are developed!


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The new Discordia Deliverance is an extreme focused module that covers the 4 negative emotions: Bitterness, Judgement, Jealousy and Hatred.

This only 4 though lol I mean I guess ARES covers an additional 5

ARES module covers: Weakness, Doubt, Guilt, Shame and Fear (not sure if in the same way as Discordia Deliverance)

This is very important
How about modules for other negative emotions such as:
-Powerlessness and Unworthiness

There also needs to be an extremely focused module for increase Self-Love/Self Acceptance.

I am telling you now this is the things people keep struggling with subconsciously, no surprise because entire world is designed to destroy them from when you are born… All of the other negative emotions are subset of these main issues… Like 90% of the problems is rooted in these 3. If you have sub focused just on these 3, everyone will be healed BOOM quick.

Vibration is everything and increasing vibration is heavily tied to these things I have bolded
Higher vibration = smoother subs and stronger manifestations


Two words: Blue Skies.

It is the only general healing module in my custom and it has been one the most significant healing modules of all time!

@amambitious357 check out my journal here.


oops :crazy_face: missed that one b/c of the name hehe


It’s a really awesome module. I haven’t thought about it individually in a while, but reading this:

using such seeing beyond the physical veil to take the user’s cognitive, artistic/creative and spiritual abilities to the next level.

I do believe that it has allowed me to peer underneath the surface of reality itself and be more open to that revelation. I’m thinking of my recent openness, willingness and enthusiasm to jump into certain teachings which take an amazing view of reality.


sweet jesus bro you manifesting crazyyyy :astonished:


Yes, I do manifest quite a bit now! I don’t even mention a lot of them in my later entries because some now occur way too often for mention (particularly numbers. Maybe my mind is in tune with them at this point, but a lot of stuff just seems to happen at those special number times).


This is one thread I do not have the patience to thoroughly read through to see if this has been requested.

I would like a module for the manifestation technique of scripting. :grin:


master connector : being able to connect the dots between unrelated things

dense mind : the ability to focus anything you want for long periods of time, you can also bring back you attention if it start to get distracted, also the internet, phone and other major distraction cant keep you away from doing your work. (there is a book called Deep Work by Cal Newport)

the mechanic : gives better understanding of automobiles and leads them to mentor, info, job opputunities

engineer : same as mechanic just for engineers

architecture : same as above

game design : an all encompassing module for game designer

career advancement : to help you gain quick growth in the career of your chioce (can sum up the 4 ones above)

davinci mindset : learn multiple skills all at the same time and bridge the gap between them by using tech and info learn from one subject to the next. this will allow you to become a ace of all trades and master of all

exponential growth : give you a boost when taking action while using the subliminal, dont know maybe like a 10x boost, not for the faint of heart

hyper synesthesia : being able to use synesthesia to help you in you overall life

intelligence ultra : help growth your natural intelligence and all the other intelligence to insane level from emotional to spatial

camouflage : the ability to adapt to you daily situations and come out on top of thing, this can also be transfers to other aspects of life



power awareness and power unleashed both deal effectively with powerlessness
but a module specific on this would be awesome.

Unworthiness/ feeling not enough is a very specific emotional amalgamation definitely worth directly taking on with a module.

  1. “The Awakening is also a powerful spiritual and magickal amplifier and protector. Any spiritual practice, religious or magickal work undertaken will be greatly empowered (this includes subliminal manifestations), and you will be protected from anything negative. You can rest easy with Awakening – the full power of your subconscious mind will shield you from anything dubious.”

  2. The Refinery will rapidly develop your energetics and the silence of your mind, allowing you to meditate as you have never meditated before.

  3. With the development of your energetics there will also be the development of your spiritual senses. While you should not expect to be able to be instantly clairvoyant for example, you will see your intuition getting more and more powerful, and you will start picking up on things you have not picked up on before. With proper practice, dedication, and time, Refinery will help you develop your senses to the levels of clear spiritual seeing/hearing, etc.

  4. Any spiritual skill you desire to learn and especially the practices you have found during ST1 will come extremely easily, helping you to more quickly start deriving benefit from them.

A module(s), regarding formerly mentioned subscripts from the Alchemist program. Optimally within one single module or spread throughout a two or three distinct modules combining those skills into one script, in a way where it is congruent to one another.

So essentially, something to Amplify your Magical and or Mystical practices, meanwhile developing your Psychic Senses, and of course with the necessary protection while doing so. More Spiritual modules, yay!


Thank you for sharing this @Azriel. I didn’t put Ares in my custom since I assumed there was more than it covering GSF, and I feared doing too much. I’m abosorbing that each module is focused, not broad.

And since reading this, I put LD (pre-Q) on and am running it. I’d like to confront, attack, and demolish my fears. And since Q has opened, I’ve wondered about focuses on fear removal since I’d not seen it.

You answered my question :slight_smile: Gratitude!


I’ve been wondering about my dopamine hits lately–specifically with making purchases of non-essential items.

I’m not a social media fan, so “likes” aren’t my regular rushes, but since I’ve been making more money on my job, I got into an unfocused financial mentality where I’d buy more food, more supplements, more subs…almost anything which made me “feel good”. I have Mogul, AM, Stark, Emperor (v.1-5, plus HOM), and EOG, and I have had experience curtailing this rush-seeking behavior using them.

But if it were a module, what would it address–the dopamine hits, or the actions I’m doing? I’m seeking to focus on my behavior and mentality towards this scarcity mentality which shows up.

Have I missed any Q modules addressing this? I know the major sub cores are there.


A Daemon (Holy Guardian Angel) module.


Sultan seems to erase concern of financial scarcity for me but increases the behavior your talking about

I’ve been purchasing things I want that are of value to my life, ordering take out, and ubering much more. I know that sounds like it’s more out of control. But its from a totally different place of intelligent lack of concern.

There’s a very famous wealth coach who has a saying ‘back of the car, front of the plane’ living abundantly brings abundance.

It’s seems its orienting me to enjoy and add value to my life with the resources I do have, while new opportunities are coming in slowly but surely. No rapid new source of income yet…

What your saying is this is a form of scarcity, so maybe I’m still in reconciliation on it :joy:

but for what your talking about specifically, I would recommend Eye of the Storm and Stronger.


Positive Being Attractor-Positive Everything


I only see an erased post-but my guess is this was a request
for a Q module to help the user …Cry themselves to sleep?


For dopamine, if money is not a problem, it is worse to put your mind into a scarcity mindset. If you really actually enjoy what you do, there is not need to change. Just food for thought, all the stuff you do daily, will be imprinted in your mind for 1-2 years, so every day choices are your future.