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@Azriel I believe that’s actually written in with the Deep Sleep module. What I suggested or requested was an Existential module. Similar in ways I guess to a " Cry Yourself to Sleep " module in that it would probably help folks either appreciate their lives more or the futility and meaninglessness of everything. I was thinking suggesting of a Nihilist Module sort of in the same vein but I figured that might upset those of a spiritual or astrological leaning


I’ve mentioned before there’s some discussion on whether living as if you’re wealthy will attract wealth into your life or push you to do the things that create wealth.

For me it’s not so much a lack of concern but rather the idea of not wanting to keep putting my happiness on hold to save money for the future. I still think twice before purchasing, but I do purchase stuff that increase quality of life and personal enjoyment. This is something that started happening after being on subs for a while.

Which reminds me. For those that have a challenge with PMO, here’s a piece of advice. Borrow a VR headset from somebody, take an hour or two and watch VR porn on it. You will be so blown away that all “normal” porn will have lost its appeal. Don’t forget to give the VR headset back to whomever you borrowed it from. If necessary, clean it first. :wink:



a module for breaking free from automatic meaning making, and an ability to assign one’s own consciously chosen meaning and value to things would be cool. Attachment destroyer and I AM seem to be do doing this in my case to some degree.

I highly doubt your idea’s or suggestions in and of themselves will ever offend anyone.

I would bet money that your consciously going out of your way to specifically push or convince your understanding of things to others by negating or berating what they value is bound to offend/upset some one

I see no reason not to do the first :slight_smile:
you can do the second too but that’s up to you :wink:


yes, love it

hell, I may not even care about real woman after that !


Well, there is something to be said for having a great diversity in sexual partners that never need anything from you. And VR porn sites are playing into it by offering lifetime memberships that only require a 1-time payment. And they worry less about illegal downloading since the average VR porn video is 4+ GiB in size, going up to 10+ GiB for the 8k variants (which are pretty much unplayable on most systems). It’s definitely the future of porn videos.

But I think that to not feel the need for a real woman, you would need responsive teledildonics or even a full-body haptic interface. My guess is the technology for teledildonics will happen first, after that the first sex robots will start showing up. For now, they are experimenting with adding ASMR and binaurals.

Anyways, I’m going off-topic. Mainly because I love thinking about where they can take the technology.


Only on here and only towards @DarkPhilosopher. I Am and Attachment Destroyer are amazing modules. Those two and Total Nonchalance. I think Feruus and Ares help to a lesser extent as well. I almost forgot Rougue , Steadfast , and Lion IV. The new module Discordia Deliverance would probably assist in becoming aware of the futility of something like FOMO


Looking up FOMO and wondering how this is aimed towards me. And yet not at all affected, since I have mastered total nonchalance. :wink:

That said, I may soon make a “DarkPhilosopher needs your help” thread asking everybody to help me assemble my first (!) Q store custom. Curious what you guys come up with.

Okay, I’m outta this thread.


As long as it had a ‘talk back’ and ‘start shit’ feature to keep me on the edge of my game I’d be all in.


Would love to help where I can, when this moment comes.


I think that a stoicism-oriented module would also hit the core of this issue.

a rock-solid reality orientation. You feel and include emotions as part of reality, but do not allow the emotions to dictate or control reality.

A lot of the core issue comes back to our tendency to activate dysfunctional coping strategies when painful or uncomfortable emotions and sensations arise. Most of the time this expresses as suppression, attack, or avoidance.

It’s under those conditions that dopamine and other neurochemicals (which are really just the physical counterparts to ‘how we feel’) start to drive imbalanced, rather than adaptive, responses.

The less you’re threatened by reality, the less you’ll respond to difficulties by blocking out reality. At that point, dopamine becomes just a good friend whose interesting stories spice up the party; rather than some kind of sinister saboteur.


I’ve been thinking of Stoicism-related module ideas too. The Stoic philosophy is so broad, I’m not sure if they’d be able to squeeze it all into one module.

Imagine separate modules though, where each hits really deep on a certain aspect.

Like modules for:

Memento Mori
Amor fati

and so on. And Latin sounds cool enough they already have the module names haha


I feel like if you combine Sanguine and Godlike Masculinity, you’re on the way to Stoicism.

Or, Sanguine+Godlike Masuclinity+The Flow+Power Can Corrupt+Iron Frame

I’d say that unhooking your inner state from your external circumstances is central to stoicism. Also, clarifying your values and commitments.

Guess there are a whole lot of modules (maybe most) that can do that if one wishes to use them that way.


Stoicism isn’t really about detachment from circumstance as it is more about acceptance of it.
Acceptance so one can get to work either fixing it (if possible) or moving on if not possible.

Identifying what one can control, focusing on that, and forgoing the rest.


I’d say that’s a good description too.


A module dedicated towards making sure wealth scripting is directed towards non-money wealth concepts.


a modules that changes your reputation to the exact way you want others to perceive you, basically can control what light other see you in to change first impression and you past mistake. maybe this is a bit reaching but if it possible would help greatly.


That would be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Darth Vader (waves hand): “You see only the good side in me.”

Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.

Isn’t there something for stoicism in the module list already? I recall when I was going through all the descriptions one seemed like a good candidate.


If one think of “Stoicism” under the more modern definition of seemingly emotionless. I’m referring more to the “Classical” definition I guess. If there is a module to help with stuff like Amor Fati and Memento Mori already, I haven’t realized it if I saw it.


Similar to growth through pain, but for something that increases anxiety. I would rather be anxious than “Calm” (Sedated/Placid). This would actually have alot of synergy with the module Calm Before the Storm, as the individual will know for sure the anxiety is both positive and internal, thus constructive and beneficial. Reinforcement of this cycle will allow the person to identify alien anxiety and those who offload toxic states onto others.

“Because it is possible to create — creating one’s self, willing to be one’s self… — one has anxiety. One would have no anxiety if there were no possibility whatever.”


Anti - Mirroring Module. Typically to gain rapport with an individual is a reflection of scarcity of positive relations, a common symptom is lack of honesty when speaking as well as hiding intent and actions.

Being able to determine someones character as an individual, not as a function of external self esteem/renown, one would take advantage of Apollo vs Dionysus. Act like an animal around civilized people to oust liars and cheats, act like an intellectual around liars and cheats, to find hidden gems suppressed by an inferior culture/society.