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bro isnt anxiety just fear lol


Sure, but usually fear and thus anxiety is tied to some instinctual fear, like death or pain. The oldest but recently abandoned strategy was say a fear of god, although “Imaginary”, allows one to have a superior anxiety than a fear of death or pain.

Anxiety is not only limited to fear, but also of temptation, which is the basis of someones moral or virtue, losing something positive is not tied to fear, but of losing something good (Anxiety). If one cycles through Good and Neutral are we really looking at Fear? I woul not fall into the trap of moral relativism here.

Also to put this into more of a caffeine debate, does coffee increase fear or anxiety? Adrenaline is simply changes anxiety levels, it is up to superstition and imagination to create fear from it.


Also, those of you having trouble with a caffeine addiction should just try meth once. You’ll forget all about it. :grin:


anxiety is a feeling, and all anxiety is rooted in fear

coffee doesn’t make you fearful or have anxiety,
adrenaline increases stress, not anxiety

stress is external anxiety is internal


Beautiful voice module.

Emperor gives one a deep voice but some prefer a beautiful voice like that of a singer or news anchor’s.


I’d like one that installs cold reading skills at the subconscious level. Assuming we don’t have that already.

Cold reading skills that run like second nature, that comes in handy for negotiations (among MANY other things)


Phoenix down as well as all the other bonuses. Social king, etc…


I believe there are a couple of users here suffering or are likely to suffer from mid-life crisis.

Would love to see a subliminal that helps one cope with mid-life crisis.


Red Sports Car Terminus2. :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, I think any number of programs and modules here could address that. Might depend on the specific variety of crisis. I think they may not all be created equal.


It is so awesome that at Sub Club you can literally tailor-make your own custom subliminal to deal with exactly what you want or need.


Libido ED module
Sex Mastery Q does not cover this like X2

Some now call this idea for module:
Rock hard erections / overcome ED


A Module or Title to become an Inspirational Speaker.


Target Lock. For manifestation. When you decide to use manifestation techniques this module fixes whatever you want to manifest deeply in your conscious and subconscious mind. It aims all of the mental machinery responsible for the manifestation process at that one goal and Prevents you from being distracted or pulled off off track until it is yours. Use as you will, but be careful what you wish for.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Okay I like this whole idea of positive thinking and such … but … from what I think I know … COVID-19 is going to be with us for a bit longer. So I have some requests:

  1. Could you please make Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 available as a module in the Q store?

  2. Could you make a generic version of it that would be about general health, prevention of infectious disease, and the like… including the part about “If you are not sick, the Aegis technology will do whatever it can to help humanity’s efforts through you, be it simply staying at home, volunteer work, or even helping individuals on a quantum level, such as scientists finding a cure, all dependent on your current state.”


A module containing the visionary qualities from Stark.


A module to release emotional blockages by forgiving yourself and others.


@Hermit Discordia Deliverance?


Any news on if there will be a module for visual artists coming up?



am also hoping for this too, will help out a great deal


Fame module. I know there is the spotlight but something not related to social media?