Q Modules Requests


I’m not using modules but what’s definitely missing in SC offer is a module or major program which would be strictly related to communication and improving its efficiency.


Dragon’s Tongue


It’s a good one but I meant all the aspects like body language etc.


A model for texting in game, intuitively knowing the right things to say, how to respond, mindset for out of person communication, for online dating and/or just phone, when to reach out, when to wait, and woman reaching out first. Libertine helps with woman reaching out, and everything I’ve run has helped this as a secondary or tertiary effect but I mean something specific to the skill and mindset of out of person seduction/dating communication.


Time stopper

This module let you expirience the day/week/month/year long and fullfiling
No more will the years pass by like a snap of a finger. You will expirience longer and fuller days filled with joy to be alive. At the end of the day you sit back and say: what a beautiful day

Something like that @SaintSovereign @Fire


Luck, abundance, wealth, manifestation, success, high status and charm so everyone is nice to you wherever you go, heavily focused module.


I know there are limit destroyers in Primal and Primal Seduction, but could you make a sexual limit destroyer as a module?

Edit: I’m really questioning a need for this now. I’d had Limit Destroyer (preQ) running on my phone a lot Friday, and it’s affecting me still, 2 days later. I picked up Primal yesterday
Plus Saint said in a post that it’ll help any stack it’s run with. He shared a sexual attraction sub mixed with LD, and it’d work on that.

And we’ve already got LD in the Q store.


Conversation Starter. Easily and intuitively start engaging conversations with anyone you feel like. You know how sometimes you just wind up talking to someone without a clue as to how it happened? Now you’ll be able to make it happen at will.


@COWolfe that’s probably in Dragon Tongue


I think merger of worlds does that,


I hope so would be nice to try it out an see


A module to remove the negative mental and physical side effects of porn @SaintSovereign @Fire :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Trust me when i say this regeneration + elixer can help with this one, but i guess a module would still be nice


Please share your experience bro! :pray::pray::pray::pray::laughing::laughing::laughing::sob::sob::sob: @NinjaFox


Had it in my journal if not basically the urges went away, i started to want it less, also when i relapse the chaser effect was lessened

If we were to go more extreme
The porn flashback are completely gone
The urges to watch more extreme stuff that the soft core went away, it also upsets me a bit
I also came to term with how porn affected my life in a negative way and how i can move forward

Also have to say khan made me go like 90 days of nofap which strengthen my will, was also getting lot of sex from gf (thank you libertine too)

This is all from years of doing nofap and failing, i can now say that i still watch porn but i use it being mindfull basically if gf is on her period or not in the mood i can choose to use it for a release it all up to me it my time, porn has no control over my life
Sorry for going off, hope that help a bit @mecharc

Edit: forgot to say that my mind got rewired back to normal sex before didnt use to cum from normal sex since the regeneration i started to and khan push it even further


This is what i am looking for! Thank you so much! Thank you! THank you!


Q-store module for the ‘Development of wit and charisma’ part of Primal,


A luck, wealth and manifestation Q module would be great, also I’m always interested in alpha modules, not sure exactly what else is out there but this is right up my alley.


A module to induce Novelty in you as a person and your life – this is perhaps the most seductive trait a person can have.

People are constantly looking for a change, a new thing, browsing the web of unlimited potential, and so on. Boredom arises from constants and keeping things as they are, humans become aroused and interested in people that keep their reality increasingly adaptive, hence bringing novelty back into you as a person.

And with that, I’m referring to Physical, Emotional, and Mental Novelty, as in changing yourself Physical in all sort of manners; clothing style, changing your glasses, haircut, etc. The same goes for Emotional and Mental Novelty; changing the way you act and think your emotional behavior, the way you give compliments, the way you make out and have sex, and so on. After a good amount of time doing things in a similar fashion, people become easily bored with you, it is Novelty that makes you stand out and makes you an interesting person.