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I did a google search for “Fire developer at Subliminal Club” here you go this is Fire


nope. not Fire.

but he is the one who’s YouTube channel first led me to Subliminal Club.


@Malkuth you never know Saint and Fire could well be the same person. Have you noticed how they never respond at the same time?. Perhaps Fire is Saints alter ego who knows :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally true.

Maybe they are the same person. (They’re not.)

But, either way, neither one of them is the guy in that picture. (Who is a very cool guy by the way.) He’s the one of whom I know.


Well, when Serum X was still Serum A a certain office worker calling himself SaintSovereign took it and much like Dr. Banner he created a larger muscular version of himself that speaks very little but has great impact. :slight_smile:

I know it’s still a fringe topic, but what about a module that supports our alchemical work?


He’s definitely not Fire, @blackadder. I have watched some of his videos especially his reviews of subs and his experiences with Magick (and am subscribed to him. Found him after I found SubClub and then searched for any reviews of SubClub subs on youtube). He uses the competitor’s subs too although he has a high opinion of SubClub.


I did some research on this guy and discovered his youtube channel. He seems like a very nice person, as you said he rates SC very well.




What he said.


I have my last 385 dollars plus 99 PayPal credit to spend on international transactions, before I am stripped of the privilege of purchasing subs. Looks interesting


@mecharc sorry to hear this bro. Its challenging times for everyone just keep your chinup. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


What does this mean? Are you down to just $500 or so, or are you going to be blocked from buying international transactions? If it’s the latter, PM me and we’ll work something out.


Please check inbox


I have 385 dollars that I can use for international transactions. After that my Aussie bank account terminates.


agreed, i want a sub that can focus on different specific areas, like taoism, lhp, rhp etc


Is boxing mastery already out ? cant find it



For some reason, it is not listed under lastest products


I really like the idea of programs that are focused in on specific skills as a counterbalance to those programs that are bringing about a more comprehensive transformation (e.g., the ones I am using).

That kind of subliminal journey must be somewhat different. A very specific goal that involves structured practice. Action is basically a guaranteed part of the equation.


Thanks Friday

Whilst i am in the lockdown I want to do some boxing on my punch bag everyday Will it help to improve my form and punching power ?. I have no plan to become a professional boxer more about learning how to punch hard and accurately.


This might be a question for a different (new) thread.

There seems to be no Main Discussion Thread for it yet


Will there be an option to select particular stages from multi stage programmes to add to my sub, Heard a lot of good feedback from quantum limitless stage 3 and would like to add that to my stack