Q Modules Requests


I do not believe the stages themselves will be modules in Q. The core scripts will be. The additions on top of the core scripts that make up the stages are likely present. But not the stages themselves.
Saint corrected me below. Goes to show you even the best make mistakes. :wink:

Even so, keep in mind the multi-stage concept exists to adequately prepare you for the later stages. Jumping to a later stage before you are ready may have the opposite effect (or no effect).

Same goes for Q. It will likely allow you to create subs that are so heavy they give your subconscious indigestion. Don’t neglect your foundational development.


One of those golden pieces of advice that deserves to be isolated and emphasized.




The bottom right picture looks very inspiring.


The lower center looks like a hair module. But then again, It could be anything.


I’ma open up a store for aspiring MCs
Won’t sell ‘em no dream, but the inspiration is free
But if they ever flip sides like Anakin
You’ll sell everything including the mannequin
They got a new chick, now you Jennifer Aniston
Hold on I’ll handle it, don’t start panickin’, stay calm
Shorties at the door 'cause they need more
Inspiration for they life, they souls, and they songs
They said, “Sorry, Mr. Saint is gone”

Enough hyping for tonight. :wink:


(From GMX, (gamin mastery x))

  • Ultra Hand Eye Coordination
  • Lightning Fast Reflexes
  • Heightened Combat and Strategy Intuition

Thank you very much.

Just imagine having a module on Ultra Hand Eye coordination running on loop. You may become human headshot machine.


Sorry, but this looks fucking awesome.

really liking this.


that’s Hong Kong


Hmmm, ultimate combat marksmanship. Though they might be hesitant to sell that to anyone who doesn’t have a professional reason. (


it’s crazy how they made me, rewire my joint with Fire
Gettin hotter, yet cooler, in medulla that’s oblongata
Not a
moment too soon, cue the Q, to drop in June
while that man named Saint, paints Eyes to Mind moons

we down with the club, it’s subliminal yet explicit
Want Imperial Khan Stark shit? You better visit
And back up your stacks, Organize your tracks
cuz these mp3 are like Gold upon wax

[chorus 2x]
You heard of us
Official Sub Club Terminus
You heard of us, yeah, Heard of us


OKay, if all the stages are present, the next question is: what’s the difference between a “core” and a “standard” stage? What’s missing in the core?


this could be perfect, i’d add perfect control over ejaculation that you can continue to have sex even for hours until you consiously wanna cum.


@SaintSovereign please add the following modules

Raw Masculine Sexiness.
Leadership Charisma.
Masculine Voice
Get more defined Jawline
Younger looks - Forever Young Module
Golden Symmetry for your face
Facial Dimorphism

Increase HGH - Anti Aging module
Eagle Eyes module - enhance eye sight

Maximum Production of Human Growth Hormones to facilitate Growth
Optimized Testosterone Levels.**
Alpha Male Body Structure.**
Get Broader Shoulders
Rock Sold 6 Packs (Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon)
Metabolism Booster and Shed Extra Weight
Optimum Waist Size. (Body Height – Weight Ratio)
Strong, Muscular and Perfect physique - Hercules module
Bionic Module - Pure strenght
Aura of the Gods module = powerful masculine energy module
Psychic seduction power module powered by Terminus alchemy
Time travel - Future Prediction (Terminus powered using alchelmy)
Giant Penis (Sex God Module)


Would also like a super-duper high metabolic fat burn module that allows one to feel the fat burning inside him using his mind.


And while you are fulfilling blackadder’s request, make sure to run the Time Dilation QX module just to make sure you still have time left for anything else. :wink:


@DarkPhilosopher you are too funny :rofl: i cracked up and spit coffee all over my table


That’s an awesome list!!

When talking about alpha male physique… did you have the adonis golden ratio in mind?

I think it’s the shoulders need to be 1.63x the size of the waist


Something to help remember dreams.


What he said. :slight_smile: