Q Modules Requests


Do we have a definitive list of modules that will be available to slot into the core yet ?


It would be interesting if that kind of sexiness could be projected simply through your instagram or other social media profile photos so that online dating suddenly becomes a breeze. It’s also good for those who have less chances to socialize in a post-COVID society.


What do you mean by “slot into the core”?


I was thinking that you start of with a core script and you choose what modules you want to add to the core script. Press a button then Q does its magic and hey bobs your uncle !.


Since you can combine several scripts called “Core” into a sub, I assume you can also add several scripts not considered “core” in a sub. Much like Iron Throne is everything but the sensitive parts. But I suppose it’s possible there’s always going to be some kind of foundational module. Maybe if Saint is in another revealing mood…


I’d just as soon wait and let the man finish so we can see the real thing.


I felt like everything I wanted was in this thread but definitely a stand-alone module for online dating would rock. I’m certain this is included in the manifestation scripting though


Suggestibility (for better subliminal & hypnosis results)


Free yourself from all conspiracy module.

This is a must needed one - but probably the ones who need it the most will never run a subliminal like this. So many people are buying into popularism or conspiracy theories, especially now in the times of Corona. This is a case for Aegis Initiative.


Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you. :wink:

Some conspiracies may very well be real. Doesn’t mean the COVID ones are, but some may be. So to disable your mind’s ability to see things like that might have adverse effects on processes that we need; Like seeing through manipulation and lies.

Instead, we must work with the reasons why people come up with flawed conspiracy theories. Like fears. Or the faulty belief that the only reason they aren’t a massive success is because somebody must be plotting against them, rather than they should get off their backside and do something with their life.


New conspiracy. DarkPhilosopher is actually a highly advanced A.I. developed by Saint and Fire to keep the forums lively.


He’s one of THEM!!! He’s trying to get Subclub to help conceal the conspiracy!! :joy:




Blue Skies :slightly_smiling_face:


I love how people keep thinking they know what Blue Skies does based off of a few comments about its effects on Saint. The users’ theories about good old Blue may yet take on a life as its own conspiracy theory. Saint’s secret subliminal healing recipe now evolved into Saint Sovereign Forever. Batman suit not included. :slight_smile:

Anyways, moving on…

How about “Finding Purpose” or “Perceiving Syncronicities”?


How about Automatically spot IOIs and other social cues.


Hope there’s an anti-cancer and others helpful for diseases included in the modules.


this one would be useful


wow this is a very impressive list


Deliberate Matrix penetration module that allows one to fully shift his awareness to that of his desired reality. So far, a lot of Glitch in the Matrix experiences are accidental.

Or maybe a module that trains one to enter a hypnagogic state at will.


Dancer, flexibility, yoga
Something like siren song if you’re already good at singing or want to learn/enhance with perfect pitch, improved tonality, better sight reading yadda yadda
Strategy for things like chess/go