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From my perspective, a self-love and worthiness module would be foundational before any major goal is achieved.

If I don’t love myself, why would I love “her”?
Evidence: no relationships since my divorce in 2014

If I don’t value myself, why would I accept grand wealth if offered to me, whether earned or given?
Evidence: I have large amounts of bitcoin in an exchange, and I need a few thousand to withdraw it. I’ve started/stopped/started/stopped in side businesses, even this week.

Not valuing myself is why I have what I have. Big achievements don’t make me feel more loved. Real love is not earned. And it’s felt within.

Can you include such a module?



I would be surprised if such module didn’t already exist because I believe that even Ascension takes care of the things you mentioned.


Ooh, I like these!

Strategies for Go would be a 5 hour sub, even with Q. :slight_smile:

Agreed, self-acceptance, self-love, knowing one’s own power and purpose, all thrown in a blender would make for a great foundation.

IDEA: A module simply called Reconciliation. It shows you just how bad it can get. After that, you can handle anything subs throw at you. :slight_smile:


Are we able to have a module which:

causes people who are of the gender you find most sexually attractive to be irresistibly attracted to you and aroused by you sexually to the degree that they actually and repeatedly try to initiate and have as much physical sex with you as you allow them to?

Or is this already in the romance subs?


As a dancer I’d truly appreciate something like this, especially flexibility too. The singing one would be a great addition, love the name.


Well, there is this thing called Primal Seduction Iron Throne…


Module for mental resilience needed for something like a SEAL BUDS course…


But that’s us making initial contact. What I’m suggesting is them initiating it.


Ngl the having people initiate things against their will kinda weirds me out. If the subs bring out innate potential it would be nice to just have a favorable environment without prompting someone to act. Unless you just mean being less shy about something they were already likely to do.


What if it was not against their will, because the continual exposure to these subliminals make us sexually attractive to them?


In this case Saint already mentioned you didn’t need to do any picking up, next to no effort. Just acknowledge her. It seems to me that if all it takes for women to pursue you is a subtle IOI from your end, most men would be thanking whatever deity they pray to and some they don’t pray to.

And since even mesmerism requires eye contact, what you are asking for is an irresistible aura and animal magnetism. Something that doesn’t even require you to at least acknowledge her presence. She strips naked in front of you and you ask her to get away from in front of the TV because your show is on.

Or something that is abbreviated with four letters starting with a D and ending with an I and was attempted by a certain competitor with varying success rates. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think the women I’m attracted to deserve at least a little effort on my part.

Or… you are asking for a manifestation module that draws the attractive women into your life. I wonder if SubClub will make dedicated manifestation modules…


I would like to see a beefed up psychic protection module.
My intuition and many other faculties are opened up, but I’ve found a few times that people who seem to be intuitively gifted are able to just grab my attention or send emotions my way, not all of them pleasant.

I’ve taken my own precautions but if I could have a module for it that would be greatly appreciated


That description DID sound a bit familiar. I thought he posted it as a joke.

I don’t think it’s even possible for a sub that you are exposed to to force someone else to do something against their will. Subs are amazing, but there are some limitations.


Well, mnemosyne probably misunderstood, I think. In most cases, our “type” has little to do with what attracts us to another. There is in fact a lot of “hidden” communication going on, from hormones and pheromones to immune system compatibility to fertility to body language to probably even something at a higher spiritual/energetic level. All that results in attraction.

What I deduce Sir meant is not to force somebody to do something against their will, but rather create the optimal conditions within us so that anybody that is mutually compatible with us will feel that attraction strongly as a deep, biological imperative. Not because they are forced to, but because we are their perfect mate.

So in fact, a sub to change us, not them.

As for subs being able to change others, probably not using you as a channel. But there are enough examples of people with an almost magical ability to manipulate others. If learning such skills is the goal of the listener, subs may help them, provided they have a good teacher. Of course, at Subclub we trust you will use these subs to make yourself a better person. Set a good example, and you will draw followers naturally.


I can confirm that what Saint says works. Just say Hi and smile then just say whatever comes to mind.


darn bro! this sucks, im in a similar boat. still battling my demons, but im gonna get thru this sooner than later…

going in for 180 degree shift in the way i view things.

not rellying on subs alone, cause without action the subs wont reach its potential. however im still trying to figure out…


I’ve also just thought about this being inspired from Mind’s Eye and Deep Trance Identification.

A method acting module.

Method actors know how to get into character of the person they want to act as. If one can master method acting and helped by own imagination, DTI shouldn’t be a problem. Over here, mastery of method acting can also be helped by immediately absorbing all available information by watching a video of the target character. E.g. if Adolf Hitler is my target subject, I watch all his videos to capture his mannerisms and interactions towards people, apart from reading the books he wrote and books about him.


You should read some of the stories about Anthony Hopkins. Especially how he changed when he was preparing for “Hannibal”. People around him got scared. That’s some deep immersion there.

As for Hitler, I saw someone that had made a photo in color and removed the mustache. Suddenly he looked a lot more like your average middle aged man. Strange how our perception can shift like that.

Combining the two thoughts above, be careful not to take your practice so far you’re left with some very bad traits.


There’s a German movie called “Er ist wieder da” (Look who’s back) which is about Hitler appearing in modern day Germany. As no one can believe that Adolf Hitler is still alive, everyone in the media production firm that he joins treats the modern day Adolf Hitler as a superb actor who stays in character 100%.


@DarkPhilosopher @Sirchiropractixalot Yes it set off a warning bell for manipulation. I assumed something like that would not be possible passively because that would be nudging someone to initiate vs making the optimal environment for something that could happen naturally. All good here.