Q-Status discussion


We’ve been working on making this happen for quite some time. 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. Made the impossible possible :wink:


Unfortunately, Ultima+ is different from Ultima on Q. The latter is the same Ultima format we’re using now, except I don’t have to build them by hand. With Q being able to output them, it makes experimentation MUCH easier. Ultima+ is still some time away.


I see. Lots of changes in the pipeline.


Is Terminus the only technology you’re using now? I’m asking since when I was using Terminus (Stark) I was getting mediocre results and only when I stacked it with Ultima (the Commander) the results skyrocketed but still the lion’s share of it were the results I got from the Commander yet the results of Stark were a bit more pronounced, on the other hand if it comes to my Stark results it might have been caused by adding AuraQ to my stack.


I’ve got 6 tracks in my stack.

(sounds like a Naughty by Nature rap from the 90s).

Anyway, 2 of those are Terminus2. (1 is a custom, the other is a light major program. light program, dense build).
2 are Terminus (both customs)
2 are standard Q build multi-stagers

I’m not using Ultima right now (for, perhaps, obvious reasons).

Needless to say, Action is my friend.


Will the Ultima build option include the embedded ultrasonic…

and is the technology potentially advancing to ever be able to have Ultima effect option without ultrasonic?


Thank you for your reply. I’ve got some more questions if you don’t mind, please. Are you certain the major part of your results come from Terminus/Terminus2? Don’t you feel overloaded with your current stack? How long have you been running it?


As a foolish but well-meaning friend of mine once said:


I think so.

The Dream one is pretty spot-on.

So are:

Extreme Exercise Motivation, Stop Porn and Masturbation, Male Enhancement (slowly but surely), Emperor Fitness Stage 4, Serum X, Stress Displacement, Yggdrasil, Jupiter, Inner Voice, Divine Will, EGO ADSUM, Blue Skies, Asclepius, Debt Annihilator (starting to kick in), and (even though it’s kind of mysterious) Mind’s Eye

I can’t remember.

the days grow so long…


hmmm…no, I don’t think so. well, not usually. some days are heavier than others. It was really heavy for a couple of weeks last month, when I pushed the last piece into place. The second T2 custom.

But I do a couple of things that seem to help. I think it’s basically okay. (I should never make statements like this. Now my subconscious will be like ‘oh, you think this is a game? you like jokes?’) But for now, yeah, it is okay.

I layered them in over time.

Mind’s Eye Terminus2 - 5 months
PATHS Terminus - 4 months. (but that’s built around EoG Stage 4 - which was already 4 months old when I built PATHS)
IMBUE Terminus - 4 months
Alchemist Standard - 3+ months
Quantum Limitless Standard - 3+ months
DUAT Terminus2 - 6 weeks (That’s the Regen one).

PATHS, Mind’s Eye, DUAT are always paired with meditation sessions.
IMBUE is always paired with exercise.


Your are a monster! It would fry my poor little brain. :sunglasses:

Thank you very much for your time and replies.


Don’t speak too soon.

You haven’t seen my brain.


Thanks back!


Made me laugh. I love the humor :smile:


Great news! Push it the the max

Male Enhanced Sex Mastery


Can I take this to mean that we’ll be able to get Q and T customs in a hybrid format? With other producers I found that that was way more effective than masked or ultrasonic alone.


Re: Terminus – we think it’s best used as a “stage two” sub. By that, I mean you should run a Q version of that title for 3-6 months and get a good foundation, then move to Terminus or T2 to “dig deeper.” Starting with Terminus (and especially T2) can cause issues due to the amount of information being pumped into your head.



Unfortunately, probably not. Ultrasonic is exceptionally safe as long as you listen at a reasonable level. Most of the people complaining about tinnitus aren’t following the instructions. With ultrasonic, you can’t “push the envelope” to see if you can get a few more volume notches. You need to play it safe. Use Frequensee or another spectrum analyzer and make sure the ultrasonic volume isn’t too loud.


you know @SaintSovereign the first time you talk about it i was thinking we would be able to build ultimas in the q store but they would have they own modules smh boy was i wrong.

do you have a price for the ultima build yet?
where will you place this in between the previous three different bill as it relates to information?


This is crazy!

I’m running my longer term sub right now (or what I feel will, be my longer term sub), but it is in terminus. If I decide to have it in ultima, could it be used as a remplacement for regular Q.

Right now I am taking lots of break to prevent reconciliation with terminus and not stacking a lot which seems to work fine.


@SaintSovereign Any idea what the price will be for Ultima build ?


One concern I see with getting Ultima customs is that that would decrease stacking to an extent.

Right now there are days where I do 2 Ultimas + Terminus Custom. Given Ultima recommendations, I’d have to drop that to 1 Ultima + 1 Ultima Custom.


which recommendations are you referring too ?